Donor Perks

People don't really care for donation drives, we get it! However, we also occasionally need help with site expenses. Instead of annoyingly begging people to donate, we figure rewarding people is a better idea! All donors will receive a donor badge that appears on their posts, but gold donors? They get something extra special! You can become a gold donor by donating $100 to the site; this doesn't have to be a single donation. You can donate money over time, and once you've donated $100 total, the perks will automatically be applied.

The perks for Gold Donors primarily relate to storage space and quotas. Simply put, if you help us with our server bill, it makes sense that you'd get a bigger slice of disk space said server to store your content. Perks for gold donors include:

  • 10x the storage space, that's a full gig!
  • Max File Size per upload is doubled, that's 200mb!
  • 4x maximum file size for profile photos, that's 20mb!
  • Can create up to 20 albums with 100 images per album.
  • Access to a special donors-only forum and Discord channel!