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Don't Say a Word. Just listen to symphonic metal.

Discussion in 'Books, Music, & Art' started by Diamond Sky, Nov 28, 2015.

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    "Don't Say a Word". Xandria covered this by Sonata Arctica. I've been really feeling this song hardcore today and you want to know what I just realized?

    That music will be the death of me.

    Xandria's lyrics are different. At least it sounds like it. Do you know what this means? Ugh! You have to listen to at least one of these versions regardless. (Personally I'm going to push Xandria). Can someone please join me in this experience?

    Just try it. Listen. Listen as if it really were two people singing the same song to eachother. Then report back here on how intense those goosebumps are.

    Sonata Arctica:


    (By the way, does anyone else on here listen to symphonic metal?)

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