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Douchebag Genie


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Granted but you have bills to pay and a rare medical condition that had come to an expensive treatment

I wish my family was more accepting of my sweetheart



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Granted.  You are now incapable of not talking and loudly blurt out every random thought that pops into your head.

I wish everyone could just learn to co-exist without fighting each other.

Granted, but every time you blink they change to a random color with a cooldown of 60 seconds that resets every time you blink.

I wish that the body parts we feel in a phantom shift would be real and totally integrated in the body.


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Granted, but you would be ostracized all the regular humans without shapeshifting powers (have you seen BNA?)

I wish for an infinitely regenerating slice of meat lovers pizza (aka, every time I take a bite out of it, that bite instantly grows back).
Granted. You have all the courage to come out, but when you meet a new person who might become your friend: You tell them everything and come out right then and there, scaring them away.

I wish I could fly with my own wings.
Granted, but the wings are the wings of Icarus, so if you fly too high they will melt, and if you fly too close to the water they will fall off due to the water spray.

I wish I wasn't depressed right now (family issues going on so yeah...)


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Granted, but they've turned into a psychotic murderer and are hunting you down, trying to kill you.

I wish I was a coyote physically, living far off in the woods, miles away from humans, with a pack of other coyotes who are all nice to me.