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"Dream Walking" Woes

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  1. Maggie Darkmoon

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    May 31, 2016
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    Hey everyone I want to warn you this might end up becoming a ramble due to recent events I'm very emotional about this subject. I however will keep myself calm if someone questions me.

    So what I call dream walking is this. In mythology of lust demons (Incubus/Succcubus) they are depicted as going to humans while they sleep and feeding off of them sexually. I honestly believe for certain for a long time that I have been doing something similar to this. The reason why I am not sure is because every time I do it, I have no dreams. I always feel different when I wake up however. It's hard to explain, sometimes I'll feel the presence of someone else in the room who obviously isn't there. Even for a split second. I don't necessarily need a sexual encounter to feed since I feed off desire. Nor do I steal someones soul or kill them. I don't believe succubus and incubus actually do this to begin with. Due to recent events I do not want to talk about, I am now certain I was right. I do understand this is far out there and you don't have to believe me.

    This is really, really, really (add 100 more really's) bothering me. I have been trying to just ignore it for a very long time because it conflicts my morals severely. It seems the best way for me to feed is sexual. I am extreme loyal to my wife and want no one else but her. Even before my wife I held myself in high standards for a sexual relationship. I did not do the casual stuff, it outright scared me. I dressed extremely conservative. Now this has hit me in the face and, it seriously felt like getting hit with a brick. I can't even control this, I have no option in the matter. It's tearing me apart. My wife apparently knew about this but she thought I was conscious of it, which makes me feel even worse. Thankfully now she understand I was not. I have tried to stop myself before and succeeded for two weeks. However I became violently sick for over a year. Like with vampyres, if I don't feed I become ill.

    I feel helpless, I know I can't do anything about this condition. I basically have to accept I can never be loyal to my wife. This does not mean I will actively go out and feed, no. I can't do that. Maybe I can find an alternative.

    I am sorry this turned into a huge rant. I don't think we have any lusts here so I don't know if others have experienced this.