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Email Provider Block List

We have noticed a lot of spam and abuse coming from the following email providers:

  • 163.com
  • 126.com
  • yandex.com
  • mail.ru
Due to the consistent patterns of abuse from users of these services, and the fact the providers of these services are unwilling to answer or respond to our abuse reports, we have blocked the use of email addresses provided by them. If you are already a member of Kinmunity and you used an email from any of the above services to register, you will be asked by the system to change your email address before you gain access back to the site. If you are a new member or are attempting to use the contact us form, you will not be able to use these addresses.

Thank you for understanding!



Celestial Draconian Queen 🌔
That’s good to hear that this has been fixed! Those sites sound a little fishy anyways, so I’m glad that the proper safety measures have been taken! ^.=.^