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  1. Mirath

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    May 16, 2015
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    This was keeping me awake last night, just thinking about it. To be fair it's still being thought about.

    I can't be the only one who owns a lot of stuff related to their heart-type.

    Well... Owns, writes, draws, whatever...

    Physical Disk - Due to my so-called 'obsession' with the game, my parents snapped my first disk, and for a few days it felt like my world had collapsed and couldn't be revived with the same passion. But luckily I now own another copy. It was a few years between my first disk and my second (I think 2011 and 2014 respectively)

    Graphic Novel - I ordered this... A few months after the second copy was bought, and I can't really describe the happiness I felt when I found out about its existence. Think it was about £28, so well worth the buy in my eyes, even though I would have gladly paid double that to get my hands on it. Now, there are clear variations from the game, which I think is to be expected, and some of it was pretty funny.

    Soundtrack - This was actually quite hard to find. I don't think a physical copy exists (if it does I need it), but I do have a digital copy I'm so happy to own. I've played the game that many times that even my mum can recognise the game just from the soundtrack. Even with the soundtrack alone, I can kinda tell what part of the game it's from, or easily get immersed in the environment.

    Other Pursuits - So, as I've mentioned before, I started writing a sequel to what happened at the end of the game. I got around 16 chapters, each around 3,500 words long. It was at the point where I could easily spout off the plot of the game from the top of my head, and I used this to my advantage where I could slip in parts of the game with some of the endings of my chapters as recollections. But sadly, because for some parts I wrote with my ex, I can't look back on this work without completely cringing at its existence. I started it in 2014, so I had a long time to put it all together. I might restart it, or the more likely reason of scrapping it completely to use a new/better idea of a parallel world that came to me in a dream (oh yeah, that kind of line)

    Since the game, and as mentioned briefly in my group introduction, I feel/know that he's influenced my writing and drawing, influenced the characters I can easily pour myself into and connect to the most out of everyone I write/draw about. Heh, just note my profile picture for a start.

    Contact with Relevance - When I was writing my 'sequel', I got into contact with one of the guys who worked at one of the companies who produced the game, can't remember whereabouts in the tree of hierarchy he worked though, although I remember his name as clear as day. He seemed more than happy and interested in what I was writing, and tried his hardest to help me when I was stuck on certain aspects (in example he tried to ask the development team if they still had all the smaller info such as ages). A real nice guy.

    I've heard there's a Collector's Edition, so I'm really tempted to contact this guy to see if it does truly exist, and whether it's available for purchase directly from the company (I don't want to take my chances being screwed over by eBay)

    Fun Fact - Because of how the character Lexington came across in the game, and especially at the end, whenever his name crops up I can't help but feel both anger and betrayal. Yes, even the city name brings up those feelings, how strange.

    How about you guys? How much of your stuff is relevant?
  2. St Claire

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    Jul 29, 2015
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    I have a few things relating to my heart-type.

    Sheepy - I wrote about him in my introduction. A stuffed sheep that my late grandmother made for me when I was very young. He lives on my bed, and I feel incredibly guilty if I ignore him. To me he is definitely a living soul.

    Other stuffed sheep - a stuffed sheep that my sister gave to me as a gift one Easter. It is wearing a pair of rabbit ears and when you press its hoof it sings and dances. She said she saw it and instantly thought of me, which made me very happy.

    Sheep mug - a small mug shaped like a sheep. I found this in a supermarket around Easter time and just had to have it.

    Knitting implements - a set of sheep shaped stitch markers and a needle sizer. My mother bought these for me. I love them, even though I don't really knit anymore.

    Pyjamas - I used to have a nighty that had little sheep all over it. Unfortunately I grew out of it and it was passed on to an op-shop. I now have a pair of pyjama pants that have sheep on them.

    Other - not something that I own, but rather something that I do. Whenever I have the fortune to visit the Royal show the first place I go is to the animal pavillion so I can pet the sheep. (the dogs are a bonus too)