Extending Post Editing Rights


Machairodont Felid
I admittedly absolutely despise writing topics like these because they are little more than gripes but this is becoming a tedious exercise. As the title states, this is entirely about extending the time a poster has to edit their reply or thread. I have brought it up previously in the thread about the migration from the previous forums to this one but it is a problem I am routinely running into now and becoming increasingly annoyed by.

So what is the issue exactly? I know some will reasonably ask and it is that at the moment users have a limited window to edit posts they have made. This is not uncommon on these types of forums for one reason or another but it is relatively new to my experience with this one and only an issue post migration. Regularly I was able to edit posts indefinitely which I often did; I revisited many old posts and would read them again later and revise things I had written that had obvious grammatical or spelling errors, incoherency, or just were not properly conveying what I had thought I had said at the time; bear in mind, this is after proofreading them before posting, too. I write many of my posts, near all of them actually, on a mobile device as I seldom have the time to sit down and write on a computer for anything short of business. Anyone familiar with this probably is also aware the level of competency and quality degrades in this format, if at the very least because the algorithms which mobile devices use to correct language is notoriously bad and that many distractions, as well as pressure to write, creates error. There are few things that irk me more than these type of details going awry because it fundamentally undermines a substantial amount of the seriousness and genuine quality of conversation, of which is undoubtedly essential to how serious the experience is and the level of sincerity needed to approach it in a mature and respectful format

So that is the issue and I believe it non-trivial. The solution I believe is, fortunately, likely very trivial. I am almost certain with a few adjustments users can be granted extended time to edit and my general suggestion is as follows.

New users have the default limited editing rights, which appear to be less than an hour. Users with one-hundred or more posts receive twenty-four hours of editing rights as generally they can be trusted and are obviously somewhat active in the community. Donors receive unlimited editing rights, as do all appointed positions, such as guardians, for obvious reasons in that they have made some sort of investment in the site of note.

These simple changes would resolve the issue and make it a non-issue in most any circumstance that should be encountered.


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Staff member
At the time of your post, VIP access has not been defined on the new site. So while you have the VIP role and will have whatever access associated with it, we have not actually associated any abilities yet. The following, however, is proposed in regards to edit rights:

All UsersActivity TierVIP MembersGold Donors
30 minutes.8 hours.48 hours7 days.

This should be enough to facilitate honest correction/editing as well as discourage any abusive/mass edits. The requirements of the activity tier will depend on trophy points once we have the trophy system active. This will help encourage users to be active on all parts of the site.