Favorite Animal(s)?


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So, we've had favourites from food to crystals, so what about something a bit closer to home?


Heh, hopefully I don't need to explain that your favorite animal can be something other than your kintype?

Now, I love the hell out of the Pied Wagtail (a small grey/black/white bird with a long tail), because they just look beautiful and the way their tails wag when they hop around.

And we found out earlier today that Hennessey likes hedgehogs
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Wolves for me, definitely. Timber wolves in particular.

Closely followed by dogs, I have an especially soft spot for cairn terriers.


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Dragons do happen to be one of my favourite animals unsurprisingly anyway hehe. I do like crocodilians a lot and theropod dinosaurs, especially the raptors, those cute killing machines.

I have to say I have a huge soft spot for porcupine and puffer fish though, they're like the most adorable things ever to me. Have a bunch of plushies and even some taxidermy.


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I think my favorite animal would have to be an extinct one, the Andrewsarchus. Never really figured out why I'm so passionate about it. But I find the critter to be exceptionally cool.
All right, I'll admit, I'm one of those people who absolutely loves foxes. I know, it's such a common favorite animal, but you said ANIMAL, not mythical creature.

If you said mythical creature I'd have to say it's a tie between dragon and phoenix.


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My favorite animal is definitely chinchillas, they are so cute and soft! And they make me feel like this -->:earwolf:


Cheeettaaaaahhhhssss. I love them, obviously, haha. They're just such regal and beautiful creatures to me.


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I have a long list since animals are so adorable! You could say I'm like the Mundane version of Flidais! Anyways, my favorite animals (I do see them as equal and my friends) are the following.

  • Hummingbirds
  • Deer/stags
  • birds in general
  • foxes
  • tigers
  • snakes
  • bison

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Oh dear, this is a hard one. I love animals so much and its challenging for me to pick favorites. But I definitely have to say that snakes (all kinds) are definitely up there. I love the way they move and the way they taste the air and how ball pythons just look so adorably clueless all the time. I also have a strong liking for Manta Rays, Sting Rays, anything that looks like a pair of swimming rubber wings. I love watching them swim, they're so graceful. One more that I'll add is elephants. They're just too adorable.

For mythical, undoubtedly I love dragons the most, but I also love kitsunes, phoenixes, and gryphons.
As much as YES I do love horses..... I would say

GERMAN SHEPHERD!!!! <3 They are my soulmate companion wise. When I get my own place and can afford one I am getting the best baby boy EVER! and training him up right to be my personal assistant who is both helpful and sweet <3333


Pretty obviously, the snow leopard is my favourite animal, haha, no denying there. :p

However, in close second I have so many other animals I like. Snakes have always been a love of mine, alongside parrots, blackbirds, ravens and bats.
Squid are one of my favourite animals, they fascinate me, I just love them!

Also wolves (obviously), thylacines, peregrine falcons, orca, sharks, hares, deer, geckos, hyenas, there are too many to list, I'm just an animal lover! Except bears I'm not fond of bears.


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Maroon clownfish and ocelots for me, mostly because I find them beautiful. Mule deer aren't my favorite. They're actually pretty bulky and… brown. With huge ears. But clownfish and ocelots, man, there's something I just admire them for. :D


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Ahh, I love that pied wagtails got a mention! I love those things, the way they hop around and flick their tail makes me happy every time I see one.

Other than that, my favourite animal list includes small carnivorans like viverrids, martens, ringtails and red pandas, African wild dogs, moths, spiders (esp. tarantulas and jumping spiders), deer (mainly big stags and tiny things with fangs), dromaeosaurs, rats, pigeons, and opossums.


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I do quite love cats, but I also adore ravens, crows, and rock pigeons. As well as other small birds, I'm very fond of the little round fluffy ones! And bleeding-heart doves. I really do love birds.