Favorite Five Songs


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I am the sort of person who practically lives and breathes music. I am hardly ever without a song in my mind, and I am curious what sorts of music other people listen to, it's very easy to close myself off into a small circle of music and hardly listen to anything else. Who knows, I may make a playlist with all of these songs, the more diverse and interesting the better! Let's see how long of a list we can get! So yeah, if you have five favorite songs, feel free to share them. They can be songs that have special meaning to you, make you feel more like your kinself, or is just a really awesome song.

I will start, so in no particular order, my current favorite five songs:

CMA - It Is What It Is

TheFatRat - Monody

Danny Rayel - Dreaming of Love

Yoe Mase - Snow Ghosts

Subtact & Jay Rodger - Burden


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My favorite songs change very frequently, but right now they are:

Slow Magic - Girls

Manatee Commune - White Smoke

Pacific Rim Soundtrack - Drift

Yellow Claw - Last Night Ever

Aesthetic Perfection - Antibody
In no particular order,here are mine:

Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes

Catherine Warwick - Pollyanna

Nicole Dollanganger - Coma Baby

Billy Joel - Vienna

Marina and the Diamonds - Plastic Rainbow


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Mine change alot but at the moment they are.

Polly- Nirvana

Emperor's New Clothes- Panic! at the Disco

Let It Be- Beatles

Cocaine(Nightcore Edit)- Nomy

Echo- Gumi


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It's really hard to pick favourites with mine

DragonForce - Chemical Interference

Iced Earth - Plagues of Babylon

Suicide Silence - You Can't Stop Me

Trivium - Cease All Your Fire

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Main Theme) - Reign of the Septims


Picking just five is tough as I often have so many favourites at any given time. But here are five of the many I've been listening to a lot lately.

Pendulum - Witchcraft

Hollywood Undead - Day Of The Dead

Bring Me The Horizon - Throne

Three Days Grace - Fallen Angel

Famous Last Words - Fading Memories
Aw man, I have so many songs I like and I can't pick just five! But if I have to...

Spider and the Lamp (Forgive Durden)

Hold Me Now (RED)

Death For My Birthday (Say Anything)

Dream Sweet In Sea Minor (Hawaii Part II)

Lake Ponchatrain (Ludo)


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Snapshot top five for right this very moment:

1. The Wanderer - Dion & the Belmonts

2. Alive - Assemblage 23 (I have an Assemblage 23 tattoo soo I am biased)

3. Cherry - Ratatat

4. The End Of The World - Skeeter Davis

5. Smoke - Assemblage 23


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Well let's see

1. Universe on fire by Gloryhammer

2. Let there be night by Powerwolf

3. Army of the night by Powerwolf

4. Heaven in Hell by Timeless Miracle

5. Armata Strigoi by Powerwolf

I have many more songs from Sonata Arctica and Powerwolf and so on so this is are more songs I listen much now.
In no particular order:

  • Hollywood Undead - War Child
  • Hollywood Undead - Does Everybody in the World Have to Die
  • A Perfect Circle - Passive
  • Placebo - Bubblegun
  • Placebo - Hold On To Me

These have been my favourites for a while now :smilewolf:


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  1. Rotteen - Ignorant to the Void
  2. Crywolf - Akureyri
  3. Truxton - Sorry we Missed You
  4. Hyi - s.s.s.s
  5. Hyi - Super Sour

All of these songs have serious meaning in my life, especially the first one. In fact, all but 'Crywolf - Akureyri' are made by Renard Queenston, and all of the music he makes holds a special place in my heart; especially the music he makes under the Rotteen alias.

I hope nobody minds if I post a few more, because these are my honorable mentions:

  • Anything else by any of Renard's aliases
  • TheFatRat - Xenogenesis
  • Snavs - Time
  • Anything by Crywolf

Sometime soon I think I'll make a blog post that lists a fair amount of the music I listen to, but it'll take a while because, like Quxyun, I live and breathe music. The list would be huge


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Yes, this is good, I now have enough songs to make a decent sized playlist. I will probably make it tomorrow, after I finish procrastinating, and I will post a link here. I recognize a lot of these songs.
Catwan said:
Echo- Gumi
^^^Sorry, gotta say this because my best friend wrote and produced Echo: it's Echo by Crusher-P, not Gumi, for anyone who wants to look up the song. Gumi is just the computer program that was used in it, not the actual artist name.

Anyways, my favorite songs are as follows...

下田麻美 - 炉心融解


[/media]^^^The beginning might hurt your ears but please stick around, it's a enchanting song!

MOMO - Drowning -Ghetto Blaster Style- (Can't find a YT video for this one, sorry! If anyone wants to hear it, I can email it to them.)
  • The Pretty Reckless - Make me wanna die
  • The Pretty Reckless - You
  • The Pretty Reckless - My medicine
  • Halestorm - I miss the misery
  • Halestorm - I'm not an angel