Favorite Logic Games or Puzzles?


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I've recently gotten much more into logic games & puzzles, so I was wondering, what are your guys' favorites?

Logic games/puzzles are things like Sudoku, Zebra Puzzles, or even just Word Searches. Heck, even normal puzzles fall into this category. Anything that stimulates your mind in puzzle or game form!

My favorites are probably Zebra Puzzles or Logic Grid Puzzles, because I think it's really fun to use clues to arrive at the final answer. It's almost like I get to be a detective!

I'm also a big fan of Sudoku. No particular reason why, I just find it relaxing and fun!



Can't go wrong with a good cross word or word search. Sudoku can be pretty fun, too.

And since you said "Anything that stimulates your mind in puzzle or game form!" I'm going to throw in: pretty much any puzzle in video games if done properly. The first thing that comes to mind is Legend of Zelda. I find those really stimulating and it's satisfying as Hell if I get the puzzle completed on my own.