Favorite type of weather? 🌦


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Alrighty y’all! What’s your favorite type of weather? My favorite kind of weather really depends on the kind of day, however I would definitely have to say stormy or cool and sunny! ^.=.^ 

What about y’all? ^.=.^ ☀️☁️🌧🌩🌨🌪🔥🌊⚡️



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I find it interesting that I had just been thinking of weather but for a Pleistocene cat? There are few things better than a nice high altitude, pine woodland, relatively cold in temperature, bit bathed in warm sunlight. The type of thing that can just be basked in for the day before becoming active toward twilight.

The cool air is a must, heat and humidity should be avoided, as should rain. Nothing that interferes with thermoregulation and complicates it. So aside from sun the other desired weather is snowfall. Given it is at altitude and in a low humidity environment, this ends up being the light variety, not the wet freezing kind. It does not soak the fur, it does not freeze into it, and it keeps us carnivores well fed because prey travels slowly through it and leaves far more distinctive tracks.

Really those two periods are ideal, each for their own reason. Yet while I can enjoy the rain and its soothing effect, I do not enjoy being soaked, let alone damp, so I prefer to be somewhere out of a down pour.



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My favorite weather is severe storms. I love when even in the middle of the day, the skies darken, the clouds look apocalyptic, the wind is howling like the souls of death both past and future. I love when the rain is diluvian, and coming down hard enough to hurt, and probably sideways. The thunder sounds like the earth itself is cracking, and the lightning lights up the sky. 

I love standing outside in that kind of weather, feeling that energy all around me, filling me up. Brings to mind images of The Dark City, the Electric Seas, and the Akashic Grid. Of black glass and metal, neon lights and data streams moving everywhere. Inforgs, people, and shadows rushing along to their destinations, their emotions feeding the City. 

I can almost feel the City during those kinds of storms.

I've only been able to experience that kind of weather a few times in my life, but everytime it rains, or storms, I can feel the storm inside me begin to flare up, and it leaves me longing for it all.

But I'm probably just being overdramatic. 😛



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My favourite are thunder storms. I love the heavy rain, the smell of it, the strong wind blowing around me, around my shifted wings, I wish I could use. The energy of the storm feels great. I love the sound of thunder, even more if it brings everything to vibration. I can perfectly fall asleep at night during a thunder storm- feeling calm, save and great. Furthermore lightnings are looking beautiful.
To me, it also is the perfect time to spontanious praise Thor and thank him for this beauty and energy ^^°
But I really appreciate rain, too.

Since thunder storms aren't happen that often, my favourite weather is, when it is dark or grey, 12-15°C and 60-80% humidity. Perfect to go out in a T-Shirt or light jackett and dark enough to not feel dazzled by the sun because I am very sensitive to light and heat. So... I do not like the summer.
Late autumn and winter are the best time for me. Cold, dark with clear, fresh air. That's when I feel best - with my body health and mind.

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I tend to prefer slightly chillier weather! I also really like rainy and snowy weather as well. Thunder storms in particular are just really nice... Thunder is such a relaxing sound. Light wind can be nice but ehhh I can be iffy on it. 

Windy and overcast, like there's a thunderstorm on the way! I'm also a huge fan of gloomy fall days when there's a little bit of a bite in the air, but not enough to be uncomfortable. Moody sweater weather, basically.

On the flip side, I hate hate hate hot, cloudless summer days. I get overheated and sunburned so easily, I'm just uncomfortable no matter what I do when the weather's like that.



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A snowy gloomy gray below freezing day with snow fields and miles and miles of snow in sight and complete silence and a cold harsh refreshing soothing breeze running by.

Snowy with the slightest tinge of wind. Bonus points if you're sitting inside being comfy looking out onto a pretty scene. My current apt has a pretty good view of that, I think.



I really like days where it's not quite warm, but there's not much breeze and the sun is bright, so you can just sit outside and soak it up.

I'm not a big fan of gloom in general, makes me lethargic. I love the sun!! As long as it's not too hot - I'm not made for heat at all, lol. Sunny autumn days are the ideal.



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I like it during monsoon season here, when the sun is bright and hot, and fluffy white clouds build and gather during the day, with the possibility of storms when evening comes around. 



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I like it cool and quiet, with a gentle breeze, or rain. Everyone I know hates the rain and always complains when it rains, but I enjoy it. I also prefer cold weather over hot weather. I hate it when it's hot outside. 

I love when it is cold and hot at the same time.  I like warm weather too.  Rainy weather is good because it helps me relax a bit.  Windy weather is okay when it is a bit breezy.



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My favorite type of weather is snow. I can't handle extreme temperatures well at all due to medications I'm taking, but I love to watch snow fall. I've jokingly referred to it as my natural antidepressant, because when I wake up in the morning and see that it's snowing, I feel more motivated and have less anxiety.