favourite weather types?


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hey all! I am interested in peoples weather prefrence. I remember my old teacher asked the class to write poems about the weather and I was the only one who wrote a positive poem about rain. I love rain! and even more snow. it makes the air feel clear and fresh. warm air feels like soup :^(

does anyone here enjoy unconventional weather based on their kintype?


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Snow and rain is OK but... actually, I like it sunny and warm/hot. Not desert-like, though.. I need to have a shady place or cave (aka. cellar) to crawl in. A rain shower and then hot again is also welcome :coolderg:

Whoa!! There are new dragon smilies, even animated ones... cool! :squintderg:



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I have a love-hate relationship with snow because - well, both my theriotypes lived in places where it snowed, and as a wolf I lived far enough north that it was snowy for most of the year, so snow does feel really "homey" to me. But it's so frustrating not having nice thick fur to keep me warm out there! I hate having to wrap myself up in layers of clothes to be able to go out in it. I... actually have a bad habit of going out in the cold without wearing warm clothes then ending up sick because my body isn't built for that, haha.

I do love storms, though. Storms are the best. And standing outside in strong wind! 

Can't stand the heat at all and I'm a bit photosensitive, so hot, sunny days are the worst for me! I tend to just huddle inside, sitting in front of a fan feeling sorry for myself during the occasional heat waves we get here.



I like it sunny and warm (mid-teens to low twenties), but being in the UK that can be very rare...

{cold. gotta be cold, ain’t too keen on snow}



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Ideal weather for me sounds like cold enough to put at least a light jacket (70°F) or have multiple layers. I tend to like how it smells outside when its going to or has snowed/rained. Thunderstorms can be scary, my hearing is a tad more sensitive than I would like it to be.



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I can't take heat, so cool/cold weather for me. I'm not too keen on super cold although I'd take it any day over hot weather. That's completely to do with my human self though, no relation to my kintypes.

My favourite weather would be a dry day when the air's nice and crisp and cold. When your breath mists in the air and there's a slight frost on the ground to give a nice crunch as you walk.

I do love the rain as well, which is somewhat connected to my fictotype although mostly just a preference thing. As a kid when it rained really heavily I often used to go out into the nature reserve by where I lived, with an umbrella and a book/notebook. I'd find a nice spot to sit under the trees, balance my umbrella on some branches overhead (so the book/paper didn't get wet) and just sit and read/write. I love the sound of rain and the scents in the air.



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I never liked snow. Cold is fine, I have a history of going out in 15°F weather with just a t-shirt, jeans and no shoes, but snow does nothing for me. If given the option I'd choose summer over winter.

I've always loved rain. There's nothing like waking up at 5:30am in the middle of summer to a rainstorm, and then going out for a walk in the rain while everything's still kinda halflit.



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I sure am a big fan of weather! Love me them atmospheric changes! I love the snow, rain, storms, and when things are generally grey out. But on the other hand, I also really enjoy sunshine and clear skies and warmer weather. The only thing I really don't like is high humidity and when it gets to be over 100°F. 



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it's so frustrating not having nice thick fur to keep me warm out there! I hate having to wrap myself up in layers of clothes to be able to go out in it.
for me my home has always been cold, so I'm used to running around in boxers while it's hailing :'^) I'm actually planning to move to Antarctica at some point, aiming for 
Zucchelli research station or maybe just a house in the snow. I don't think I've gotten sick from cold in years. but if it gets even lukewarm I have trouble moving around eheh, it sucks cause it's summer in newzealand rn 

Not based on my kintype. Actually quite contrary to it. Anhingas like it hot, muggy, and humid like in Florida or Louisiana swamps. I like the opposite. Cool, dry, and as windy as it can get.



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I enjoy moderately cold weather and tend to dislike anything above 70°F. I'm not much for rain or any sort of adverse condition. The sky also has a slight impact on my mood and I hate gloomy days. 



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My kintype doesn't affect my preference for weather, that's all biological for me lol I feel at my best when it's hot (the hotter the better), but with very little sun (or at least access to plenty of shade. I've got various health issues which cause me to be incompatable with the cold (anything under 18 degrees, or around 65-70 for those who use Fahrenheit, is closing in on intolerable) but also sensitive/allergic to the sun. 

Super loud storms that shake the house/building and rattle the windows are the absolute best! I really just love storms in general but the louder, the better!



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I have never thought of this question before, but now that I think about it, yeah!    My favorite weather is rain, and snow as well!  But I prefer snow over rain because rain makes my human body tired... but I like both, especially when they are combined.  Rain and snow just smell so good!  Don't get me wrong, spring, fall, and summer have nice scents too, but rain and snow...! mmmm!!  Man, I wish it was still winter here!!

I do love storms, though. Storms are the best. And standing outside in strong wind! 
I totally agree with this!  It is sooo nice!



Gosh, I absolutely love warmth. Hot climates, more-so deserts / desert-like specifically, is my go-to environment. I cannot - physically cannot - deal with certain types of cold, even if it's just a light cold breeze left from winter or shower water that's only lukewarm, it gives me great pain and makes me very uncomfortable. The only time I don't mind it - and even frequently long for and adore it - is when it's the signature cool night / early morning air or rain from a drizzle to a heavy storm. I love both of those so much, the smell of it and the general feel is so therapeutic and perfect.