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Fiction Spirits

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New member
Hello! I’m new round here. I eork with Fuction Characters as guides. I have been working with my psychologist who is both spiritual and open, on this. My question is it possible for me to be an elf in one past life and a fictionkin in another. I had a sudden knowing with a fic character. And began questioning if U am Fictionkin. Does it depend on the world the characters Live. Example, elves do not reincarnate. However, Naruto’s Sgenobi world does. Can one of you direct me to the right place and give me direction? 



Active member
It all comes down to what you believe, but honestly, you could have been anything in a past life (in my opinion). I lived as Shadow the Hedgehog as well as a Dragon, so being Fictionkin as well as Otherkin is possible, as is being a Therian at the same time. I believe if reincarnation is the result of my otherkinity, nothing should really stop me from moving on from elsewhere, aside from a sort of spiritual barrier maybe. You could always look into other things that could make you have a separate kintype, such as psychological reasons or even alternate spiritual reasonings.

Keep researching before you jump to conclusions on your kintype though--fictional characters are made to be relatable, remember. That's how you get engaged in a story. I recommend taking some time away from the source of your newfound possible kintype, then engage with it to see if that feeling remains regardless. Take your time, and good luck!



Celestial Draconian Queen 🌔
Greetings and welcome to the Kinmunity! 

Ultimately, no one can tell you what your kintypes are, we can only provide advice. It is entirely possible to be fictionkin and have a kintype from the real world. I know many others who have similar identities. I highly suggest doing research on both possible kintypes, that way you can know and compare what you find in sources to your experiences respectfully. Take time to discover yourself, it takes a while to have memories and such, as they mainly come naturally. Meditation can be a wonderful way to help retrieve memories, however keep in mind that there is no one way to meditate! Just do whatever makes you feel comfortable! I don’t have that many true memories either, so I would be on the same boat! ^.=.^

Also keep in mind though that fiction is meant to be relatable and it is supposed to encapsulate you in the world and story. It can be easy to see a fictional character and immediately fall into them, I’ve done that a few times myself. Remember to take discovery slow and do some questioning about your experiences and memories if they arise.

I wish you much luck in finding out your identities and feel free to browse around the forums and ask if you still have questions! ^.=.^

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