is gone?


I just tried to check into and the domain is suddenly showing as available, the entire forums and all the information is missing. This is a massive blow for the fictionkin community if they are permanently gone, does anyone know anything about this?

It looks like they may have just forgotten or been unable to pay for the upkeep, which is again really sad to learn about but not knowing of any alternative places of where they might be functioning leaves a huge gap in the fictionkin community. This was one of the main sites with actual information about fictionkin rather than Tumblr posts shared by word of mouth.




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If you check here at the Wayback Machine, you can at least retrieve some information. For now, this is a link to the main page archives. I didn't know much about this site before this post was made, and I wish I had checked into it earlier. Hope this helps though!



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The site seems to have returned in some form, but some things do not work. The forums and main articles seem to be alright!

yeah in 2019 I had the domain lapse for a month I think. it was still in my ownership, I was just near homelessness at the time.

It's been fixed and updated since.

the main issue was that PHP was 5 years out of date and I couldnt pay a coder to update it. We just re-launched two days ago. if y'all want any stories or have questions, feel free to ask/post.
(lmao just saw this thread. god I'm embarassed)