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Fictionkin: Fictionkin Dot Com

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    Fictionkin Dot Com
    A website featuring information on fictionkin and fictives and a forum focused primarily on fictionkin and fictives.
    Fictionkin Dot Com is a website and community for fictionkin and fictives from many canons and many media sources. Its goal is to make a safe community for those who identify as fictional races or characters.

    Fictionkin Dot Com's features include general information on fictionkin and fictives, a glossary of common terms, a "Canon Friend Finder" page that lists canons and individuals from those canons in alphabetical order, as well as an essays page, and a forum with a shoutbox.

    Although Fictionkin Dot Com caters to and focuses primarily on fictionkin and fictives, it does also welcome those from related communities, such as otherkin, therians, factives, factualkin, and soulbonders. As always, anyone interested is welcome to participate. To ensure member privacy, new members must register and be approved before they can view forum content.

    Click here to visit Fictionkin Dot Com
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