Flying in your dreams

Hey guys,

Quick thought which I found interesting to know just for the fun of it.

In my dreams I have always need to make a weird mermaid-like movement and flap my arms in my dreams to be able to fly.

So how do you fly in your dreams?

Do you simply superman it? do you have invisible wings? or real wings you can move? or is it hard to explain? chat it up! I'd like to hear your experiences :3
Everything above? lol. I've flown in a lot of my dreams. Sometimes it's because I'm a flying animal like a hawk or something while other times I can just fly because I propel myself through the air somehow. My dreams aren't always specific as to why I can fly. I once dreamed I could fly but only as fast as I could run and since I can't run that fast, it wasn't even worth flying. Worst flying dream ever.

In my dreams it is always due to the usage of wings, which feel like my real life 'arms'; even though I can clearly see they are both separate when looking down at passing shadows or reflective surfaces. However, it is exceedingly rare that I am unable to get into the air, where you just kind of run forward and jump and then float back down (or fall flat on your face). Most of the time I get up on the second or third try, though the few times I do not my dreams turn it into a plot point. Regardless of which it may be, they are always wonderful as every last one of my dreams are lucid.

Unfortunately that appears to have no effect on whether I get into the air or not, no matter how much I may will it which I find rather upsetting. It is rather handy for nightmares or ones that are borderline, though.


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I flew in my dreams just the other day using my arms as wings, though most of the movement went into my shoulders. I can't fly on command though, only when the dream's "plot" allows it. Which is rarely ever


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Well I can't fly unless it's in the story to do so, I need wings or the ability to superman, there's been times I've just imagined wings and been able to fly anyway, but it still needs to be in the story.
I've only ever flown in a dream once. That time I was flitting around like I had fairy wings (like tinkerbell in Peter Pan) without actually having any wings on my back. It felt so natural that I didn't even think of it as flying at the time.
All my dreams of flying are kind of weird. I sometimes have it where I fly with wings on my back but most of the time, my arms are the wings. I do have a reoccurring flying dream. I'm wearing a shawl and when I open my arms, it stretches out right to my fingertips. When I do that in my dream, I morph into an owl, jump off a tower, and glide off, flapping my wings occasionally. Its a rather vivid dream and I love getting it.


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I have flown a couple of times in dreams but its always been superman like, I just experience soaring through the sky. I would love to experience what it is like to have wings in a dream, I sometimes have cameo feathery wings and would love to be able to use them in a dream to be able to fly.


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-Raises hand slowly- I'm a bird soooooo. Usually if I shift during my dreams, my dream self will begin to flap her arms/wings and fly above the area and actually it feels like I'm legit flying. I don't know if I'm leaving my body or not, but it definitely feels like it. But, if it's not a shift, I'd just take this huge leap of faith and start flying to where it's like I'm a ghost.
I have dreams that I can levitate. They are so real, I can focus in my dreams on how to do it but it sucks when I wake up. I do try to focus and lighten myself but no luck sofar