food for kin thought 🤔🍔


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I can't eat a lot of things I once enjoyed because of GI issues

Wolf: rotisserie chicken

Cat: tilapia... Too bad the stores here have fish full of parasites

Dragon: Turkey

Rabbit: broccoli

I don’t even know my kintype yet, but there are definitely foods that make me feel whatever it is!

[Tl,dr:Essentially, any food that reminds me of being outdoors, or that I can eat somewhere out there]

Though a human face is flat and awkward to use for much, I like to stick my face in a bowl of leaves and much a mouthful. I also enjoy foods that take a bit of work to get at, like my favorite: coconut! Fruits are nice, because I can carry them into a tree (or pick them from one)! But then again, there’s the part of me that likes meat (particularly rare fish or steak), and I want to eat even the parts that others don’t (like cartilage, tough meat, or chicken giblets).

Using silverware is weird, but is less messy for a flat-nosed human face. Have you ever locked a bowl clean? There’s just... something special about that.

(If you have any possible leads on my kintype, I’d be grateful!)
you may be a monkeykin

Certain foods have different impacts on me. I know I often use silverware interchangeably with both hands or sometimes just eat food not normally eaten with hands with my fingers, but if I eat meat (especially hamburgers) then Ken will know and be more active in the mind space. Apollo likes seltzer/ginger ale because it partially tastes like ambrosia to him, which he will sense. The anonymous group likes candy and the angelkin & demonkin I have like meat, chicken, rice, and pineapple.

Also if I have anything really sweet, then that may make me have multiple system members co-fronting, as they like candy. I will notice that if a system member happens to front, then they may eat anything nearby, especially sweets.