Forming a Stave or Bindrune

So, this is just a little thread to document a process and situation I find myself in.
I don't usually work with futhark, that is more of my Partner's realm.

Since I know they won't see this, I'll detail it.
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A friend and I have restored a bass guitar as a gift for my partner. It gave our friend, the restoration artist, such a hard time he wishes to put Thurisaz, (first Aett, third rune) the giant/thunder/power/curse rune, somewhere on the body!
I also know that Hagalaz, Tiwaz, and Wunjo are powerful guides for my partner. (Second Aett, first rune. Third Aett, first rune. First Aett, eighth rune.)

Instead of just putting individual runes on the body of the guitar, I am thinking of making a bindrune or stave which presents each of the runes. There are two ways of representing them that I have in mind: The first is using a singular long line and dashes to the left and right to represent the Aett of the rune (left side, so one dash for first aett, three dashes for third aett...) then dashes to the right to represent which rune in the indicated aett (so Thurisaz would be one dash to the left followed by three dashes to the right.)
The second method is the one perhaps a bit more common and more artistically pleasing. One forms a stave, a tall straight line, and aligns the runes over them in a pleasing way.

Wardruna's band symbol is an example of a bindrune: wardruna bindrune.jpg

I'd likely want to include a few more runes to fill out the shapes, Uruz and Algiz stand out, and so does Sowilu.

I'll do some doodling and post back once I have a few rough drafts! I'm hoping to honor the spirit of the bass with Thurisaz, and to honor the spirit of the person playing it with Hagalaz, Tiwaz, and Wunjo. Perhaps Wunjo and Sowilu would encourage creativity.... Let's see!

Please post any of your own runeworking, enchanting of instruments, or anything you feel relevant or in a similar vein.
So here’s an update, I went and did the engraving on the body of the bass the other day. I had mistakenly left all my sketches and tools but it still turned out great!
I really found myself liking bindrunes hidden in or incorporated into a larger image.
A4661D21-C233-4CC3-B62A-C484167793AB.jpeg B8EF283D-C69D-44F7-A4AD-5128B488E59F.jpeg
That looks great! Mine isn't nearly as complicated as that! I wrote my name in runes and then combined them in some way
That’s neat! What do you write or mark your bindrune on? Do you keep it hidden for power/secrecy or just to avoid questions or do you keep it plainly visible? Is it the first you e worked on?