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Friends and or pack?

Hey, I’m Eric (ftm trans), some of my friends still call me Wolfie but idc if you do or not since it’s such a common name, but I’m 18, wolf, and otter, I was wondering if anyone would want to be friends? I live in Virginia but you don’t have to live in Virginia even though it would be nice if ya did, anyone’s welcome to join and/or be friends. My Instagram account is crypic_drui.witchy if anyone wants to message me you’re more likely to get a reply on Instagram then on here

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*goes fast*
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Kinmunity does not support the forming of packs on our site. Pack-related content is restricted to our clubs system only. I have removed the mention of packs from your post.



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yeah i was going to edit that part out because i saw that but i cant edit posts so like wtf or maybe im just blind and couldnt see it 😕
Non-staff members have a limited time frame to edit their posts. I don’t remember what it is off the top of my head though. So don’t worry, you’re not blind. 

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