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Fun Vacations


New member
Hello!!  Over the years I have been to many different places.  From Hawaii to Korea.   I am still in collage, but love to go on trips. My favorite place that I have been was in fact Hawaii.  It is so beautiful!  I love it there.  It is so relaxing.  AND THE COCONUTS! I lived in Washington State when I was younger, and my family used to live in Hawaii.  So we would visit them quite often. ​

What Is one of your most memorable places/trips/vacations you have been too?  Anything interesting?​
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Well-known member
Wow, you've been way further then I have! 

I went to Niagra Falls many years ago, as it was always a childhood dream of mine. Sadly I don't have any photos from that (again, long time ago), but it was a fun time save for the heat. Thankfully we did manage to cool off though, at the expense of being dry. We got to go on a boat and go right down to the waterfall. It was super nice, but we also got soaked. XD

I also took a pretty long vacation about 3 years ago during that big solar eclipse. We went a few states away to Kentucky to view it from there, since that was supposed to be one of the best places to see it from. It was super weird. It was so bright when we got there but then once the eclipse happened it started getting super dark. At its most intense you could even see several stars!



During (Still not quite as dark as it got tho, but getting there!)


A day or two after that (it was far from home, we stayed out for the whole weekend and stayed in hotels) we made another stop to a lifesize replica of Noah's Ark. It was huge! The inside was sort of like a museum. Lots of informational panels where you could learn about various biblical stuff, and replicas of certain areas that were likely on the real thing. Animal storage, Food stashes, living areas, etc. Lots of replicas of what now-extinct animals that might have been on there too, and even a few living creatures on the top floor! ^-^

three.jpg    four.jpg