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Anyone who’s on FurAffinity, drop your profile links here!

I’ve recently started getting more active there, uploading more of my writing there, and as such have redone my profile to make it look a lot better.

Yes some of the artwork on there is NSFW, but that’s why there’s a SFW filter too.



I decided to remake on there (I either can't access my other one or I deleted it, forgot)...I haven't uploaded anything just yet but hopefully, I will soon

Here it is




I do have a Fur Affinity and been utilizing it since 2016. I make both SFW and NSFW stuff and it's primarily of my soulbonds. Some things I produce are digital drawings, stories and recalling events from my dreams. I'm uncomfortable sharing the link to it publicly on the forums but it can be found on my profile. I also want to address something... Unless you like super gross and dark things then it's best not to even bother venturing over there. I don't do commissions, trades or requests as well. Everything I create is not for profit either. It's just to express myself and my relationship with my 'bonds.

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I'm on FA as well, and the link is on my profile. Whenever I don't feel like drawing humans, I draw furries, also because I like designing anthro characters. The most NSFW art on there are reference pages, and my more NSFW art is on a diff profile, so overall my profile there is pretty SFW.