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They seem to have a very open and accepting community, and I think that's wonderful! I also really love their culture in general. They seem like happy, fun-loving people. I've never liked furry artwork, but they almost make me wish I did.

Also one of my favorite characters, from my favorite webcomic, is technically a furry: Florence Ambrose, from the 22-year-long (and counting!) comic Freefall.



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Good to know! Personally, I have mixed opinions... I've known about them for some time, but have never really gotten into them until recently. Now I have an obsession with speed painting furries...

oh no



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Furries fascinate me. I've always enjoyed visiting our local anime con because I've been fascinated by cosplayers for their creativity, colorful costumes and courage to present themselves in public spaces, slipping into the role of fictional characters for a few days. They fill the whole place with an atmosphere of friendliness and openness. Last year two or three furries were there the first time, and they looked so great! It's impressing me that they slip into the role of non-human beings.

I've heard that they are open towards otherkin and therians, but don't want to be confused with us. Still, I think many furries won't know what otherkin are...

I'll admit that I myself am a furry, or rather 'scaly'. I actually became aware of the furry fandom before I discovered Otherkin, so that was my first space for exploring my nonhumanity. Its definitely a lot of fun and not as serious of an identity, but an equally important community for those who partake in it. Its a great community for those who share the love for art and storytelling with anthropomorphic animals. :)



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I've always liked anthro art but I've never joined the furry community. I only know a few furries who I've met through the otherkin community but from what I've seen and heard they seem like a pretty nice and relaxed group.
The fursuits some make are amazing and it takes such a lot of effort and time to create them that I have a huge amount of respect for those who do. I enjoy my crafts and sewing but wouldn't have any idea where to start with something like that! I think there are an awful of of talented and creative people in the community.



I'm not a furry but I do like their art, and I admire the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into making a fursuit. As someone who cosplays characters that don't often require full body suits and fur I cant imagine how hot it must get in those things, and how inventive you have to be to program little fan systems and stuff into them. I really like accessories that are sometimes associated with furries like ears/tails/collars though, I think they're adorable and I'm glad they're becoming more widespread.



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Good to know! I'm glad that you guys have mostly positive opinions on curries because I just recently discovered that one of the friends I moved away from was a furry. Though, I actually found out about this before I even posted this topic...



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I don't consider myself a furry, but other people probably would. I've been an artist for the furry community for 16 years now via commissions and working with conventions (I go by a different name as my artist alias). I find the furry fandom a very accepting and creative place. Not everyone there understands 'kin stuff, but it's the same in any fandom. 

I am historically a furry, but am no longer in or related to the community--I used to occasionally check art websites or play games or associate primarily with furries. I do still find them a bit more tolerant than others for the nuances of weird people, but extremes exist in every culture and I am definitely not okay with some of the forms of extremes arising in that community.
I'm also no longer personally a furry in the sense that I no longer see myself primarily as an anthropomorphic animal being--It's interesting how settling into my elven kintype has changed my self image very much! When I was more opossumkin, I ALWAYS had a self image of an anthro opossum fae. It was a sorta natural and invisible transition to a more humanoid self image when my kintype changed. I found it much easier to be around furries than human id'd people in that phase of my life, but now I find both furries and human-peoples equally easy/difficult to socialize with.
And I CAN elaborate if needed; but the synopsis is: I found out that a lot of my sexuality was performative and not genuine, and furries in general in the social spheres I was in were VERY sexual people. I just got tired of having to ask "okay, I get that, but I'm not here to talk about that." or "I don't want to know you that way, I don't want to talk about that facet of our lives here." I'm sure there are other spheres out there that are not like that, but I haven't found them yet. I had spent years in those circles and it was difficult to imagine that entirely different circles existed.
Also, there's a lot of extremes of political ideology and expression out in the world, and I found a lot of hostility in furry circles if I A) didn't have my answer figured out on whatever issue that specific circle was enraged about and B) feel like defending my turf at all times about whatever that issue was. But again, I was probably just in the wrong place. These two issues were also very present among Ponyfolks (MLP/bronies/pegasisters which are often ALSO furries and overlap) and were part of why I faded from that area of the online world, too.

I'm fine with any furries though I'm not one myself, I'm friends online with a few of them. Their art is cool, all the ones I've seen, not to mention the elaborate fursuits that have been made are so detailed they sometimes blow me away.