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Gear and thoughts


Just ordered two choker collars off of Etsy! So excited. 💕

I tend to use collars and clothing to express my feline side rather than tails or ears. While they're nice to have sometimes, usually they just feel a bit... unnecessary? Like, I already have ears, a tail, and all that other jazz most of the time. It's always apart of me, so why would there be a need for fake ears or a tail? Hmmm, I don't know. Ears and tails feel sorta like an extra accessory, meanwhile collars, makeup, nails, clothes, jewelry, etc are daily things I use to present myself in this human body- which my animality is usually included in that presentation. That's just my personal preferences and thoughts though hahaaa. I'd love to hear how others may feel.

I shall eagerly be awaiting the arrival of both collars. da3pq68-4d1e6eac-695a-4191-9fd6-6b8f7c7cc3a2.gif


Thats super exciting! we've been wanting a new collar. We like to wear choker collars despite being foxes and not domestic animals. It helps us feel more animalistic. We will also wear tails from time to time but not as much.


that’s awesome!!! I hope that your collars come in quickly and that they all fit perfectly and look super duper cute!!!! getting kintype-affirming clothing/accessories is always a blast and i’m so happy for you!! \(//∇//)\