God/s you worship

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I was just curious about what kinds of deities were worshipped by the folk here on kinmunity. Personally I am polytheistic; meaning I worship more than one god; and I worship Pan, Sekhmet, Elohim, and Talos.


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I don't really worship any gods per se, but I do a lot of pop culture paganism and work pretty closely with Goddess Madoka from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica verse (which is kind of no surprise considering my main fictotype). I'm interested in working with some other deities as well, including a few Legendary Pokemon from the Pokemon universe as well as Lucifer (not really a deity though? More of a figure to me), the Morrigan and Hekate.


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My Maker has many names and faces but He is the only one who I, in a sense, worship. My polytheism is rather odd but as I am rather odd, it fits :)
I see God and religion itself as a well cut diamond: lots of facets on the same gem. So in essence we are all worshiping the same god/s/ess/esses in our own ways. The form of worship is less important than the act of being the best personally you for yourself and others.


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I'm a LaVeyan Satanist. That's an atheistic system, but I do have some spiritual beliefs as well. Part of what I like about Satanism is the focus on humankind's status as just another animal and our connection to nature. I believe in the mortal souls, if you can call them that, of living things as well as the Earth itself and an energy that can connect those "souls." I don't believe in or worship any formal spirits/deities/gods/higher powers. I just groove with this energy.

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I'm monotheistic. I follow liberal/progressive Catholic theology and ritual. I worship a single, but triune God. That said, I don't believe my way is the only way of connecting with the higher power. I like the way @Brie MF said it. All facets of the same gem.

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I'm more of a "hard" polytheist, but it does get squishy at times, hahaha. The main deities I worship are related to the sky, civilization, the underworld, the wilds/swamplands, and liminality.

They're not primordial gods by any means, but I love them dearly.


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While being agnostic I have reconnected myself to some gods of a past life I used to have. Long story. But while not neccersarily worshipping them I do believe in them.
You know I looked into Satanism but I don''t subscribe to the notion of all humans being an animal ideology. I find it insulting. It's akin to calling someone the r-word basically. Perhaps some humans are, I can totally see that but most def not all.


I am a monotheistic, druidic Christian. I worship the Christian God but I have a spiritual connection with his creation and the beings that care for his world.

Also, @kanyatalake yes, all humans are animals, we are classified under the Kingdom Animalia. It is not derogatory in any way. It is simply a means to classify multicellular eukaryotic organisms apart from other organisms such as plants or fungi or bacteria or whatever.
I'm still figuring things out, but I'm exploring closeness with a powerful Goddess figure, and also the Cosmos/Universe. In a sense, I'm learning how to worship and tap into the stars and other celestial bodies.

The Goddess seems to be connected to the religion of my people on whatever planet I come from.


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I'm polytheistic as well !! I'm a Greek pagan who worships Persephone, Artemis, Athene, Ares, and Hades — though I do sometimes call on other gods as well if I need them in my witchcraft or if I feel they can aid me better in something.


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I believe in God, and believe all of the other gods exist in some way. But I don't worship God or the others. Instead, I revere them, and accept that God's Love is beyond my capability as a human being to fully comprehend :)


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As of right now, I worship Anup (Anubis) the Egyptian god of death and embalming. Once I am out of college and financially independent, I plan on joining Kemetic Orthodoxy and learning to worship the rest of the Netjer.
I don't see the point of worshiping anything. I'm not an atheist because I think its possible for divine beings to exist - I just don't think their existence matters any more than our own.


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I worship the Kemetic deities, occasionally, when I get a chance to visit. Yes, they are family, but that doesn't mean they can't still blow my socks off with how awesome they are!

@MechanicJasper I used to be in the KO. They're a good group. Yes, I did write a letter to the Nisut telling her what was up with the otherkin side of things. She didn't confirm anything, but she didn't run me off either. She's a very diplomatic sort of person, barring occasional missteps. I still got divined with Heru-sa-Aset and Ra as my parents.