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Good resources on spiritual topics?


Moderation Team
Staff member
Gold Donor
Asexual Pride
First off, I can recommend this YouTube channel to anyone who believes their kintype is mythical or is interested in mythology:
It has very good content about mythical creatures from all around the world.

Do you know good resources about...
  1. Satan & demons
  2. Otherkin, especially demonkin
  3. Spirituality, especially contact / relationships with demons
Doesn't matter if your resource is a website, movie, book, game, song or something else. Any good resource is worth a look for me.


Well-known member
For otherkin, looking at older forum sites can be helpful.

As for satan and demons, maybe look at websites on theistic satanism?

And for contact with demons, do research on spirit work.

I do most of my research online, because it's what I have access to.


Active member
One of my more recent favorite channels has been this small one called Sanctum of the Craft, an interfaith-focused magic/spirituality channel:

A lot of their content is on the long side, but I find it's nice to put on as a podcast at times. They do a lot of misinformation correction, as well as addressing important/controversial topics within the spiritual community. Please be aware that some of their videos are likely age-restricted, however.