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So, who's seen the new Pokémon designs? What do you think?

The starters didn't appeal to me at first, but they've grown on me. All of them are adorable, especially the seal (Popplio). But I don't know, it looks a bit weird. I'm probably going to start with the cat (Litten). How about you?
I'm still not sure how I feel about the new designs. In my opinion they seem a bit plain, and there's something about them that just feels...idk...not very Pokémon-y.

I usually choose the grass starter. I like the colour scheme of them (green is my fave colour), and I like the nature aspect of grass types. Grass isn't my favourite type, but it is my favourite of the three starter types.

However, I don't really like bird Pokémon and generally don't have them in my team. So...idk. I might wait until I see how the evolutions of the three look before deciding.

(I might also wait to see some more Pokémon designs before even deciding if I want the game)


I have to admit, as much as I love the new starters I also have that feeling of vague disappointment. They do seem rather plain for starters, that isn't to say they aren't adorable or good, but... they lack that unique design to them. To me they seem too "average". They look much like their real life counterparts with very little difference, I think that's the main issue people are having. At least that's the issue I've found I have anyways. Kind of like they rushed them out.

That said, I'm looking forwards to seeing what the evolutions are, and they'll be my final decider on which starter I'm going to choose. Personally I'm torn between Rowlet or Litten, both are adorable.

And I am pleasantly happy with the mascot legendaries, so much so I can't decide which version I want. The Sun legendary looks majestic and amazing, I've always been a fan of feline inspired Pokemon. However, Moon's legendary really captivates me, very bat-like and mysterious in its visuals.

Safe to say it's going to be a tough call.


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Yeah, so do I. But I've played all the Pokémon games; it's one of my favorite franchises.

For the legendaries I definitely prefer the lion. And for the starters I'm now leaning towards Popplio. It's so cute and it doesn't sound like anyone else is going to pick it.

Also, I agree with Ash that they are a hit plain, although at least Litten has interesting coloring and Popplio has a clown thing going on.
i can't decide between Rowlett and Litten! I'll probably try to get both :p

I can't wait to see what they'll evolve into. I will say though, that it doesn't really feel like they have a "cohesive" design.. they don't really go together, you know?

As far as legendaries go I'm DEFINITELY picking Sun.
Sadly, I am behind the times and I don't have a 3DS or even a 2DS... :( Whether I will play, I don't know. But, as a fire starter, I choose Litten.

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We're rather interested in this generation. We don't have a DS to play them on (Our last Nintendo was a Nintendo Advance...), but we will be watching LPs of the game for sure.

Also, my predictions for this generation? Litten being a fire/dark type with a final evolution looking like either a tiger and/or a sabertooth. We've already had a fire lion-like Pokemon, a tiger and/or a sabertoon would be really interesting! Popplio having a water/fairy type in its final evolution. It could be interesting.

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I know. I may ask for it for Christmas/Birthday. :) I would like one...eventually. Right now, I'm satisfied with My old old old DS and FireRed(GBA) and Black(DS).


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*cracks knuckles*

Here we go.

From what the trailers and staff have released about Pokemon Sun and Moon, I am excited to see what they have to bring to the table.

Lets start out with the graphics.

Pokemon X and Y were the first games to introduce the 3D graphics to the pokemon world. It was a large but pleasant change to the typical 2D format, and it introduced many new features and opportunities to help improve the series further. Even so, the graphics in those games were still a bit spotty, but it was still pretty good for the first time. Now bring in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The two games have brought serious improvement on the graphics, making the scenery more beautiful and life like. What was a bit off in the last games were definitely improved on, and it did a good job preserving the game's original style while touching up on it. Some of the downsides to the game is that the option of customization was taken away, which was a large feature that many people enjoyed in Pokemon X and Y. It could be argued that the developers were looking to preserve as much of the features as they could from the original Ruby and Sapphire, but the topic is up for interpretation. From what the trailers have revealed to us, I do enjoy the location and the scenery. It has a more unique appearance that seems to stand out to me, and I do love the tropical and more realistic design of the new area. Although it is a little change, I did notice that the adult NPCs seem taller than the main character, which I think is a nice touch. The pokemon sprites have shown improvement as well. From the attack features to their standard look. I am excited for what kind of unique motions other pokemon will have in each game.

Next up are the pokemon themselves.

In all honesty, not much has been revealed for me to have a firm opinion on the pokemon of Sun and Moon. I actually like the starters from Sun an Moon. Now in all honesty, I would have liked the other idea for the starters a bit better. I would have definitely gone with the bear-based fire type, but I won't let that sour my view on the confirmed starters. I really love Rowlet and Popplio's design; I think they're cute and unique compared to past starters. I have to admit, Litten's design is a bit basic compared to the other starters, but I do enjoy its attack animation and attitude. The fact that it's not another fire/fighting type is also a plus for me. As for which one I would pick, I am torn between Rowlet and Litten.

The legendary pokemon do look pretty amazing. I am leaning towards the legendary in Pokemon Sun, but the other one does have its own quirks. I am curious to see what typing they will be, though.
Two more new Pokemon designs were released recently! I like them a lot. They're simple but cute. I'm really optimistic about Sun and Moon, and with each new update I'm looking forward to the release more and more!


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I have this odd feeling that Rowlet might turn into a gryphon of sorts. If so, I'm picking that! However, Litten is obviously my first choice.

Also, as of now, I plan to get Sun for the legendary lion thing, unless version specific pokemon change it for me!
I've been following the Pokemon franchise since it came out 20 years ago, and I still manage to get pulled back into it. I typically pick the fire starter of each region, except gen 5, Oshawot was too cute to pass up. Fennekin is still my fav, I mean a fox that grows up to be a D&D Mage? Squeeee! I'm mostly looking forward to Litten because I feel the franchise has gone long enough without a real tiger based Pokemon. The closest they got was Arcanine, despite its a dog. And just a note, Raiku is a smilodon, or sabertooth cat. Not a tiger. This feels like we may get our first tiger Pokemon and I wanna make it happen.
Gryff said:
So, who's seen the new Pokémon designs? What do you think?
The starters didn't appeal to me at first, but they've grown on me. All of them are adorable, especially the seal (Popplio). But I don't know, it looks a bit weird. I'm probably going to start with the cat (Litten). How about you?
I will probably be choosing Litten. I've always been more of a fire starter type and usually play with multiple fire Pokemon throughout the game. Can't wait for a new game! I've beaten the others way to many times.


I'm excited to see what the game will entail. It'll be a toss up between Litten and Rowlet depending on the evolutions. I'm not a fan of Popplio. I'm not sure if it's the clown nose (I hate clowns) or because seals/sea lions aren't very friendly towards otters.

Though mostly in stoked for PokémonGo! That's the one In on the edge of my seat for.