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Group Rules

Set events and activities off-site online

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    Rules are as Follows

    On TogetherTube Sessions -
    All videos must be suitable for persons of 13+ if you are unsure of any one person's age attending the session.
    This also includes not showing anything that is showing violent imagery, sexual imagery, hate speech, controversial topics, or other discriminatory videos.
    No full shows or films.
    Each video is subject to a vote to skip it if it is too long, or not to the taste of the majority.

    Streaming Sessions -
    Each stream is personally held responsible to the person hosting the stream, and so the person hosting it should clearly state the rules and possible content shown in the stream, and the kind of language allowed in their chat.
    Nothing adult or 18+ is allowed, regardless of the above statement.

    Doodling Sessions -
    Respect other people's drawings. If you erase another person's drawing intentionally you will be banned from attending future sessions.
    Respect the space given on the canvas. If there's limited room, keep your drawings modest in size. When you're done, erase your drawing and let another person have a turn.
    Don't draw anything offensive or explicit.