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Groups for all! (07/13/15)

Discussion in 'News & Information' started by Shiro, Jul 13, 2015.

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    The ability to create groups has just been unlocked for all users. Groups on Kinmunity are similar to groups on Facebook, but offer far more functionality. Group creators have full power over their groups and can assign different access levels of group moderators, and so forth. This is a really powerful system!

    When creating a group, you will choose a category, then you will be prompted for the group name, a tagline, and a detailed description. After you provide this information, your group will be created automatically. After your group is created, you are going to want to adjust it's rules and privacy settings. You're also going to want to add a group cover and logo. NOTE: UPON CREATION, GROUP POSTS WILL NEED TO BE APPROVED BY A GROUP STAFF MEMBER BEFORE THEY ARE VISIBLE. THIS IS BY DEFAULT TO GIVE YOU TIME TO SETUP YOUR GROUP BEFORE MEMBERS POST IN IT FREELY. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TURN THIS SETTING OFF IN PRIVACY BEFORE YOU USE YOUR GROUP.

    Tip: All editing of your group will be done via the gear icon of your group homepage.

    Please enjoy this feature, and report any bugs or potential problems in this thread.

    Regular users may create a single group, but can join up to five.
    Silver VIP users may create a single group, but can join as many as they like.
    Gold VIP users do not have restrictions.
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