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Habits and tics

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by DarkKo, Aug 8, 2016.

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    Jul 23, 2016
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    Hi. I'm fairly new around here and still an awakening wolfkin still figuring things out but as I have been scrolling about the site I've realized that I hadn't seen a post about this yet. Sorry if this is not the correct forum to post it in. This is my first discussion post and I'm not entirely used to this site yet.

    So, does anyone else have habits and tics related to your kin self. What are things you subconsciously find yourself doing that you believe are because of your kin?

    For example. I myself have a problem with eating far too quickly as though I won't get another meal for months. "Wolfing" my food down, get it? (Sorry I can't not pun). And I playfully nip my friends and nuzzle into their necks when hugging. I had these weird habits ever since I was a kid and they make a lot more sense now.
    I can't seem to think of anything else yet but I will probably bring them up if I think of them.

    (Sorry if my wording isn't great, my explanation skills leave much to be desired.)
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    Dec 30, 2014
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    I mean, as a polymorph, I've got a ridiculous amount of tics that I blame on the mimicking side of me. I'd say my main one is a pretty generic trait brought to a bit of a higher extreme: copying phrases and/or words. Anything I hear or see, usually repeatedly, I'll repeat/mimic a lot and the person it's from will flash through my mind as I do it (something which happens with all of my forms that I've yet to make a name for).
    Whenever I get meat, I do like "tearing" into it and envision being different animals as I do, my family thought it was hilarious when I was a kid.
    I also have a habit of watching how people walk, but as a mimicking machine, I instantly start copying the way they move and it's not always pleasant. If I'm not copying the way someone's walking, I'm usually adopting the walk patterns of different horses, canines or big cats.
    If I ever hear or just even think of an accent, my brain will make me mimic it with everything I say without any control for a good solid ten minutes (my "thinking voice" can also change to adapt different accents without me noticing for a few hours).
    If I'm watching a movie and get too engrossed in the character, I'll duck and move and behave like them without being able to really stop myself. In the theater. Happens a lot with James Bond over the years and it's super embarrassing, have to restrain myself.
    I've got a wicked tendency of being overly empathetic with emotions of people around me, others being mad/sad/anxious will make me the same profoundly. I cannot watch scary movies for this reason and I hated being around any school fights when I was a kid because the chaotic energies would make me panic.
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    May 8, 2015
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    Good post. I get to talk about myself. That's probably the first habit - way too easily prone to talking about only things I do or like. Not a lot of physical ones, because well you know. I'm not entirely corporeal, but habitual "yeah we can all tell it's you" behaviors I'm loaded with. My personality is like a pencil-biting, foot-tapping, nervous-whistling madman. Let's see some others...

    Nosey nosey nosey. If you nose something I need to nose it too.

    I can't help but creep up on people. I just can't.

    I have always had a body image. Sometimes it's of my actual body. Sometimes it's a desk. It always changes and at any given moment I know what I "look" like. On top of that, I don't necessarily relate to, mimic the traits of, or even feel I should be that form, but I certainly will have the idea that I have taken that form. For some reason I also think you can see me like this, so I will very intelligently make many desk-related puns thinking I'm clever, only to realize you have no idea what I'm talking about.

    I cannot for the life of me sit still.

    I snark constantly, even when I am not being snarky.

    I'm not sure I am capable of having a straight conversation with someone without easter-egging my words.

    I will not agree to anything or express any emotion, sentiment, or opinion unless I am willing to have it held against me like a bad deal.

    I am the most honeytrapped smooth talker you will ever be smooth-talked to by. Go ahead. Think I'm funny. I will psycho all over your face.

    I experience unbearable amounts of joy when anyone gives me something, whether it's a compliment or I'm borrowing their pen. Really any kind of recognition of my presence bordering on a compliment or gift I will immediately assume is one. And no, you cannot have your pen back. It's mine now.
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    Jul 3, 2016
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    I get annoying little "quirks" from ALL of my kintypes; whether it be talking EXACTLY like my fiction-hearted characters uncontrollably, yelling LOUDLY when alone because I feel like I "need to", eating oddly, howling, growling, mimicking...It happens. I also almost constantly stand in a stance with my arms dangling and curved like I'm a begging puppy, it's so akward, but when i'm getting astral paws it feels more comfortable and natural. Being 'kin is weird.
  5. FaerieForged

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    May 3, 2016
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    Because of my elven kintype, I have to sit with my back to the wall (or to the area that is least likely to have someone sneak up on me), and I also cannot sleep with my head facing the window nor the door. I also walk toe to heel he silent movement and prefer being barefoot.
    I also sleep either flat on my back or curled up, depending on whether I'm feeling more Elven or more draconic that night.
    I rely a lot on my sense of smell and hearing when I'm in a draconic shift.
    I'll chuff/purr/squeak otterishly when I'm particularly happy. And I'll hiss or give low growls when I'm angry.
    I'm sure there are others, but those are the ones I'm most aware of.