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New member
Hi everybody! I'm excited to be part of this amazing community. I am new to this "otherkin" lifestyle. I have always been deeply interested in penguins even since I've been a young child. One of my favorite movies growing up was Surfs Up. I have found such a calling, a connection, to the penguins I saw on screen. Since then I've found myself to waddle around the house and I've always loved fish as well, sardines being my favorite. Unfortunately, I live where it is quite hot so we don't get much snow but when we do I find myself sliding down hills on my stomach to better feel like I am truly a penguin, therefore, truly myself. I am interested to know more about this community and if there are other people out there who identify as penguins and hear their own "coming out" stories. I am not sure what all the technical terms are since I'm quite new to all of this and have just recently figured out my identity. I'd love to meet more than just other penguins but also otherkin as well.


New member
Omg your story is so inspiring! Glad you had Surf's Up to help you out! It reminds me of how Ice Age helped me figure out my true identity as a dodo bird. Hope we get to know each other better and continue to support each other as flightless birds!