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Has anyone ever saw your phantom limbs?


New member
Ive heard that when otherkins or therians are maybe just walking down the street, little kids or animals can see your phantom limbs? Has that ever happened to you? If yes, i would love to hear your experience.



Ink Hybrid
Staff member
Well, there is no proof weather or not this can happen, but I have had an experince once. Where some little girl pointed at me and asked "Mommy? Why does the angel have horns?" Anyway I almost dropped my coffee and scurried away like a goblin



Machairodont Felid
For myself I have had many experiences where in the visualization matches the sensation but it tends not to be continuous or persistent. It often manifests as a sort of glimpse, a brief realization but quickly fading and fleeting. But where this tends to be much stronger is, as noted by many others, as seen by children. Who often seem to have a continuous perception of it from time to time; they see a lot more than a limb or any one detail.

Just the other day a child commented and gestured toward me, then to their parents saying, "Look at the lion! There's a lion here!" Which is extremely similar of course to my actual type as a sabertooth cat, Smilodon populator. The coloration is not far removed and to a child, getting the two confused is not news to me when coming from others. I have other stories in the topic described above but that others see it and I from time to time get glimpses is a major factor in confirmation for myself.