Have there ever been any huge kin squabbles ?

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What I mean by this is a fight/ argument between more than 2 kin, usually relating to their kintype. An example would be all the vampire kin and any wolfish kin going into a full out war when twilight was still popular or something else like that. I don't know if that example is true or not but honestly it seems like something that would happen.

I never heard of something like that. 

Im not "deep" into the community but i dont think that people would act like this.

If you look at the board/forum you will see that all kintypes get along with each other.

Besides that, me personally i dont like Vampires due to Twilight the movie. Twilight ruined everything about vampires for me. God damn i hate Twilight so much 😄



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People have argued about dumb stuff for a long time, but as far as “kin wars” or anything like that, nah. That kind of stuff sounds like something that roleplaying teens (or immature adults) would instigate, but your average adult otherkin or Therian doesn’t care about silly stuff like that.



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Yeah, I haven't heard of anyone actually trying to "wage war" because their kintype is supposedly the enemy of another. The most I've seen are angels, demons, and gods complaining about one of the three groups posting content meant for only one of the groups in irrelevant locations, like demons putting demon-specific posts in an angelkin tag, or both angels and demons co-opting godkin spaces for their unrelated content.

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