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New member
Last night, I had a dream, and all I can remember from it is a brief snippet from talking to my headmates. There was a new alter, and I even thought "Oh, I forgot about [new alter]!" as if I had known about them for a while, even though I've never had an alter that went by the name I used or that looked the way this alter did. (They were based off an old character of mine, though. I don't know if that effects anything)

Has this ever happened to other systems? If so, what came if the dream headmate?

And, if you don't mind, could you give me some insight on my situation? Because I don't know what to do here.



Active member
That's common actually, or at least we've seen it happen a lot in other systems and it's happened to us before. Sometimes new folks will introduce themselves in dreams or accidentally appear in them. Dreams are naturally kind of weird so feeling like you've known someone for a long time or knowing something you wouldn't know is to be expected. Dreams are also your subconscious thought so it makes sense system members who are struggling to present themselves might be able to in dream. 

For us personally we don't have as many dream introductions, when we do they're usually vague. I can't think of any specific examples that have happened recently but I know it has happened. In our case though dream switching is more common and happens a lot. 

-{Mimi} [Dragon, Polykin]



Celestial Draconian Queen 🌔
I’m sure it’s very possible for a headmate to appear in a dream, being that they have access to speak with you and some may have access to one’s thoughts respectively. Dreams can be interpreted as many things, so there’s usually no one reason for them to happen, or no one meaning for them. However, I’m sure that this new alter, (if you haven’t figured out already), was trying to make themselves noticed in a way, perhaps taking a chance to appear in a dream to make them noticed. I wouldn’t just take a dream as evidence though, as in the past I believed some dreams told accurate representations of my past, when in reality they were only a shadow of what actually happened. Basically, introspection is the way, or trying to make contact with this newly discovered alter!... ^.=.^

Spirits and non human entities can communicate with us in many different ways, and it’s no surprise that an alter would appear in a dream, since sometimes they can lead to a different plane of reality or even the astral, (astral dreaming however that’s a story for another day)! If you haven’t figured out who this alter is already, I hope that you can make friends with them! Best of luck! ^.=.^ 🍀

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