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    Nov 5, 2015
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    Hey, I'm Tor and I' a fictive daemon from Philip Pullman's HDM series. Our memories of childhood are kind of not really there so we're not exactly sure how I came to be, but I've been around for a long time, at least 20 years I'd say.
    It wasn't until several years later that we re-read the books and I realised that the daemons in them seemed to pretty much perfectly match me. After that discovery we found the daemon community and hung out there for a while but I came to realise I wasn't really like the daemons there and more recently we've come to think of me as a fictive system member.

    My personal belief is that I am a part of V's soul that split off (but remained connected) and formed it's own consciousness.
    I don't have any set form but can shift between different animals at will. When V was little I was almost always a red panda and although I've been through various different forms over the years I've gone back to mainly red panda at the moment or flying squirrel when I want something smaller.
    I guess I'm off-canon a bit since I've not settled, but I tend to chalk that up to me not having a physical form to tie me down.

    Anyone with questions is welcome to ask, I'm happy to chat. :3

    And I'm Velvet. I've been around the online community for a long time and have identified as feline for as long as I can remember. Having identified as just feline for so long I'm pretty sceptical and cautious about a second identity showing itself more recently, although it's been several months now and so far it's not changing/going away.
    That second identity is, or at least very closely resembles, a female argonian from TES. I'm still not comfortable enough to label it a kintype just yet, though that is how it feels. I'm leaning towards neurological changes being a possible cause for why it randomly appeared, although that in itself makes me wary as if that is the case I'm unsure if it's permanent or if future changes may alter my experiences again.
    But whatever the reason, I'm currently having many shifts, memories and those general 'this is what I am, this is me' feelings that point me towards argonian.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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