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Help me learn!

Red Drago

Im not otherkin or anything, although I am many other things and adore learning about new communities. Ive always seen people making fun of this community but I also know its harmless. So Id love to just learn about all of you. Please explain things to me and let me understand where your coming from. Ive never met any otherkin before or anything and its all so new to me so please help me understand!

Water Horse

Active member
Normally I would link you to our library but since the site changed I can no longer find it...
It's not really something I could all put into one single comment, but for the basics of it all; otherkin are people who identify in some way as (partly) non-human.
I would recommend you just look around the forum for a while; a lot is explained there. If there is anything in specific you want to know which you can't find the answer to I would be happy to help, just shoot me a message.


A Lizardy Cat
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Community Manager
Firstly welcome to Kinmunity. :)
You've certainly come to a good place to learn about otherkin! It's a shame our Library isn't up currently (we've just moved to a new platform for the forums and not everything is back up just yet) as that had a lot of good information. Hopefully it'll be back up soon, but you can also learn a lot just reading through the forum posts. And of course if you have any other questions on otherkin you're welcome to post!


So, for a bit of general information on otherkin.
Otherkin are people who identify as something other than human. Many of us have felt this way since a young age and before finding the community - the community helps us put a name to our experiences. It's not something which is chosen, it's an integral part of our identities which we cannot consciously choose or change.
None of us can know for certain why we feel this way, however many people have different theories behind their identities. There are those who believe it's spiritual in nature (such as living a previous life as their kintype), there are also many people who feel it may be psychological and some who feel it's a mix of both.

Whatever the reasons, we share the experience of feeling something other than human. An identity is a very personal thing and so it will differ from person to person in how they experience it. There is a huge amount of diversity within the community. It's also something which can be pretty difficult to understand unless you've experienced similar before.

While everyone differs there are some experiences common among otherkin, most notably shifts. Shifting is the term given to feeling more/less like your kintype and while not all otherkin experience shifts, it is very commonly seen. It should be noted though that shifts aren't exclusive to otherkin, other people can experience them for various reasons and shifts not relating to a kintype are known as cameo shifts.

The most common shifts would likely be phantom and mental shifts.

Phantom Shifts refer to experiencing supernumerary phantom limbs - feeling a body part which is not and never has been a part of your physical body. What is felt will differ from person to person and depend on their kintype. To give an example someone with a dragon kintype may feel wings and horns while a wolf 'kin may feel wolven ears and a tail.
How strongly someone feels these things can vary. Some people may just have a vague feeling/knowledge that they have these things, for others they may feel just as real as any physical body part. The strength can also vary over time, for some it is consistent, for others not.

Mental shifts refer to experiencing the mentality of your kintype. This can reflect itself in the way you think, your instincts and subconscious actions. Again this is going to vary a lot depending on the individuals kintype. Even though being otherkin can effect the way you think it's important to note that we are still in control of our actions and people shouldn't use being otherkin as an excuse for dangerous/unacceptable behaviours.
As with phantoms, the strength can vary from person to person/over time.


As for my personal experiences, I'm a feline therian and argonian fictionkin.

Since the stereotype seems to be that otherkin are all kids/young teens going through a weird phase I'll include some general info on my life to show that's often not true. ;3
I'm 33 and live in England. I'm lucky to live in a nice little house with my wonderful partner, we've been together for about 17 years now and living together for 14.
I went to college to study child care, originally wanting to work in primary schools; which I did for a while as a classroom assistant. However I also have a huge interest in canine behaviour and psychology and decided to pursue that love and make a career change. Now I work as a dog training instructor, as well as doing some fun dog agility things during the summer months... well, previous summers at least. Can't do too much currently with the whole virus situation!
Hobby wise I enjoy arts and crafts, I like crochet and sewing as well as drawing. I play some games although I'm not a huge gamer. I love to hike and generally be outside with my dogs.

Being otherkin has very little impact on my life in some respects, in others it shapes everything I do.
It's not something I really talk about/share with people outside of the community, my partner knows but she is the only one. I don't personally own/wear any clothing or items related to my kintypes, I've never personally felt the need.
However every single thought or feeling I have is partially shaped by my kintypes. Everything I am feels a mix of human, feline and argonian. It's the way I view myself at a subconscious level, a part of my natural thought processes, instincts and behaviours. These things are me, my identity, what I am and what I feel.

As far back as I can remember I've always felt feline. Growing up it was something which I hated and hid. I didn't understand why I felt like a cat, I didn't even particularly like cats and I was very self conscious and scared of anyone finding out in case they thought I was crazy. Before I found the community I had no idea there were others who felt the same way I did and it was very confusing.
Once I did find the community though... well it was pretty mind blowing to find that there were actually terms to describe all the weird things I'd been feeling and that there were a lot of other people who felt similarly.
Argonian is something I discovered later on, and it took me quite a while to figure out what those experiences related to. I'll admit I was a bit hesitant to take on the fictionkin label at first, given the bad reputation which often surrounds them. I spent a long while researching different earthly reptiles and amphibians trying to find a match, before moving on to mythology and folklore and then finally fiction. Argonian seemed to match perfectly and helped put a label on how that part of me felt.

That is a pretty brief summery. If I were to delve into trying to explain all of my feelings/experiences I could be here forever. :p If you have any questions for me personally about my otherkinity feel free to hop over and post them in my Grilling Thread.
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Red Drago

Thank you so much for sharing! Ive kind of known about this community for a while but only knew it from the jokes people told. But as someone who does like to learn and research I wanted to really understand and try to get a feel for what the community really is outside of what people tend to say or the stigma around it. You guys helping and sharing about this helps alot and I will certainly be scrolling around and asking questions when they arise! Thank you again!