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Hi! I'm new

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Hiya! Like the title says, I'm new to the community, and the whole idea of otherkin, really. My question is this: What's it all about? I've found so many different sources, with so many different opinions, I'm kind of lost... but I'm really interested. 



Hey there,

That’s not a question that has a quick and simple answer, but I’ll try and condense it down. I would also recommend making an account and joining us if you’d like to learn more, as well as reading through the site Library. Talking to others also helps.

Otherkin are people who believe in some way that they have a nonhuman identity, whether they believe this through a spiritual cause (I.e past lives) or a more psychological cause.

You’ll often see the term used as an umbrella term for Therians as well (identities as Earthly animals), but the Otherkin label is usually for non-Earthly creatures, such as angelkin or dragonkin. But it’s more a catchall term for those who believe themselves to have a nonhuman identity.

Despite the information probably going around, experiencing memories or having shifts are not required to be kin.

Being kin is much more than ‘just liking’ something, which has its own term of Other-hearted or Animal-hearted (so you’d have things like Angel-hearted, Wolf-hearted, and so on and so forth)

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