Ok so I am a huge Pokemon nerd, to the point that I have writing my own fanfic for 4yrs that I have been too shy to share with more than a handful of people... today, a good friend of mine decided to insist that I should write to Nintendo and see if they like my idea... if they do, I could change Pokemon forever...

I never really thought I'd even get a chance to take it to Nintendo, let alone actually have the chance to bring it to reality... I've never had this level of hope before and it is actually causing legitimate stress for some reason...


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Honestly, a lot of well known companies and authors do not accept submissions like these. It doesn't matter if it's a good idea or not. They can run into legal issues over them. If they read it, and then if any future content in any way relates to that material, they will face accusations of stealing the work.

However, I did meet a guy who was able to sell his MLP fan fiction at conventions. I'm not sure what all the legal issues with that are. You might want to look into it.


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You can always try. However, keep in mind that some authors/creators do not like fanfiction of their works. But there's no harm in contacting them to see where Nintendo stands.