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hopes and dreams for the future

so i have this entire future planned out for myself. wanna hear it, here it go.

so i'll be living in a stone cottage at the edge of the woods with my quasiplatonic partner, who has a green thumb bc gods know i couldn't keep a plant alive to save my own life. we'll have a wild garden in the back and herbs in the front, and frogs and snails will show up a lot because we'll also live near a pond. there'll be rumors about my house that the witch of the woods lives there (which is partially true know), so occasionally, kids will show up hoping to find her, but instead, i'll be at the door, in a pair of overalls, a sweater, and muddy rainboots. i'll give them cookies and send them on their way, and one day, a really pretty girl, about my age, comes to say hi, and i invite her to have tea in the garden. it goes really well, we start courting, and we eventually fall in love. my other partner is super chill about this bc platonic relationship and we all live happily ever after with our frog children and make cookies every saturday.

it's really unrealistic but i can dream right? what are your hopes for the future?


That’s really sweet! I think my ideal future is sort of similar.

My dream future is having a ranch house out between rolling, tall-grass fields and woods. I’d own a large property and the WiFi would be spotty at best, but, hey, it’s functional. I’d have herbs growing on the window sill and one of those china cabinets for all my tea sets. I’d have a study with a book-shelf and a window looking out at the fields where I could write as long as I want (I’d like to be a free-lance writer or editor). Outside I’d have a little garden and most of it would probably be wildflowers and butterfly bushes. A stray cat would come to my yard every once in a while to chill out and I’d have one of those porch swings. In the back of the house, I would have a path leading out to the woods and I’d make terribly confusing maps of the woods as I explore it. And I’d like the community to be older folks and tight. The type where when a new person moves in, everyone welcomes them and brings them food and helps them move in. Every Sunday morning I’d go to the local cafe and talk with the owner and employees before going to the market. It’d be a slow, laid-back life. Eventually, I’d meet that someone —or two someone’s, I’d be fine with a polyamorous relationship.

In any case, this is my ideal little dream. Kind of unrealistic, but I’d be really happy with that kind of life.


Active member
One of our biggest future hopes /dreams is to have a animal room or apartment. We are totally into invertabrates and terraristics and we would love to have an apartment with walls of nice terrariums with all the tarantulas, isopods, millipedes, other spiders, scorpions, mantises, assassin bugs and beetles and other crawlers we love and some reptiles as well.
Like the room in pictures I got from Google to show what I mean