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How do I discover what facet of Otherkin i fall under?


New member
I have felt wrong for a long time. I feel like I'm watching the world as an observer, simply seeing the world from the outside, often marvelling on the creations of humanity as though I've stepped into a world that isn't mine. I often notice I seem to think differently to most people, confusing them or simply being dismissed as though I don't make sense to them. This works vice versa as well, often making no sense of the common thought processes of the people I see around me, sometimes not even seeing them as real, almost like they've been placed there just to fill out the space.

I'm Non-Binary and I have D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Split Personality Disorder). I often feel out of place in the ambience of people, cars and machinery, usually listening to music to block it out. Is there any way I could find out if there is an Otherkin Section I fit in with so I can find more people that I fit in with and can talk to fully.



New member
theres alot of ways to do this, in my opinion , test online arnt that good, dreaming and connection with nature, and researching mytholigical creatures, it also does take time so i personally wouldent rushi it



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Genderfluid Pride
I'm certainly not an expert, but those sound like symptoms of disassociation. There are otherkin who share some of those feelings of not belonging. I've personally always felt like I was visiting this world rather than really belonging in it, but my sense of not-belonging sounds mild in comparison to yours. What you're describing could be caused by being otherkin, or it could be caused by something completely different.

Otherkin are people who internally identify as nonhuman beings. So far you've told us about who you are not, but not much about who you are. I don't have enough information here to tell you where you might fit in. The only way to know if this site fits your needs is to try it out. Go ahead and make an introduction in the Scent Rolling area and if you need a label, just say that you are "questioning." I'm genderfluid myself, and we do have other multiple systems around that you can talk to.



Letme preface this with saying, whether or not you're otherkin, this community will walk by your side. They're probably the best and most accepting group of people I've been a part of. 

Now to be otherkin is to feel that you, on some level, feel that you are non-human, be this in part or completely. That is the bond which pulls together this community. Personally, I feel non-human, but I've only truly realized this a few years ago. I am a therian, meaning I identify as an animal, but there are also fictionkin (identifying as a fictional character), plantkin (though I haven't met any), and a number of others. There are also kith (those who identify with as opposed to as), and copinglinkkin (those who turn to kinnity as a coping mechanism).

It may be that you haven't awaken (realized you're non-human) and, by some force, you've been led here, or you could just be seeking out people who will accept you. Either way, I hope you the best on your journey of self-discovery. 



I have also struggled with strong dissociation at different times in my life--I am currently in a phase of great wakefulness and a sense of belonging in the world and I do not dissociate nearly as often as I used to. For me, my previous kin identity as Divinity and a gateway system were directly linked to being so disconnected and alien to the material reality around me. My otherkin identity was very much a way of expressing and experiencing my dissociation with more meaning and direct integration into my sense of self. Being kin and using that mythological framework helped me form an identity and continuous sense of self in a world that I experienced as very broken, nonsensical, and impersonal.
You may or may not find a similar sense of continuity in otherkin circles. Only time and your own explorations will tell.

In this much less dissociative time of my life, my kin experience has changed drastically. I am now singulate, and no longer ID as Divine kin--I see all beings as divine by grace of existing and therefore no longer see divinekin as a separate, special category for myself to inhabit. I ID solidly as an elf, and fae, and all other detail is best explained with my personal religion. I can sort of map out where things started changing by labeling experiences with my kin identity on a timeline. You may find a timeline of your experiences helpful, as well.

And even then, we don't much divide ourselves by kind here on Kinmunity. Therians and mythological otherkin, psychological and spiritual theories of kinness, systems and singulates all come here to feel a sense of community and to find a place of belonging. I generally find the otherkin community as a greater whole to be very welcoming. @Avonmora is VERY right in saying that we walk with one another. Whether you turn out to be kin or not, whether you remain as you are or become more or less wakeful to the material world around you, you are welcome here.

So, if anything; here is the circle. It is wide and broad and varied, and that is what makes it so beautiful. Not everyone here will understand what you say from direct experience, but we all just want to share with one another. Sometimes you may need to give further examples or try rewording something for somebody with a different experience to grok a bit more clearly. You may also need to ask the same of our fellow kinfolk here.



Machairodont Felid
The issue with addressing this fairly, @voiceofnoreason, is that it is very difficult to disentangle any aspect of psychology from what we are dealing with in terms of the community. It is innately challenging and more challenging to give meaningful replies when someone has a diagnosis, and by no fault of their own or their doing. So this creates an instance where one has to ask really fundamental, truly basic questions about themselves. This is by no means to say they are unimportant, they are the basis after all, but it feels criminally small to start by asking questions about "Do I believe myself to be this or am I this?" and "Did I choose this or did it choose me?" to name a few primitive, core concepts. In this case, it needs to go even deeper still,  posing questions and thought of the variety of, "Do I just feel as though I do not belong or do I feel like what I am or identify with or as does not belong?" This is, obviously, a difficult and complicated question to ask because it demands that the questioner sit down and sort out where each of their feelings and experiences lie.

I wish it were easy to say "Just do these things and the results will come." and then prescribe a list of activities to meet those ends. Unfortunately it is not so, so one really needs to start with themselves and then try to find who they gravitate towards and why. I myself am, at my truest of fibers, in everything but physicality, a beast of prey and a carnivore, a predatory cat, and I am woefully extinct - out of place and out of time. But it took the worst challenges and absolute destruction of a lifetime of false identity, playing at being a person to unearth what I knew was always there. I had to be so destroyed and brought down, humbled, to find the truth about myself I always knew and just denied because the world told me only the normalcy of humanity and the masses is all there is. As one can imagine, I did not gravitate towards anything, instead I tried to flee from it and escape it, and it has all cost me dearly in every sense. I bring this tale I touch upon up to denote something very, very crucial in this experience, that you have to go deep and really confront everything inside and ask all of what it is, just what it is, and why certain things or certain people or ideas or anything at all resonates as it does. That is challenging, that is difficult, but for someone who feels and experiences being apart from the world, I feel hopeful for you - you can see, can feel those bright spots that call to you. The rest of the mundane world, the normal person, has their vision clouded and muddied by everything, and it is hard to wipe that slate clean. You have the means to find these things out about yourself and ask these questions with clarity but always be honest with yourself in the end. Never force an answer or convince yourself something is true because you wish it to be, search for it and let what may come be.

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