How do I know what kin I am?

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I have always felt not human, and have always used strange body language to express myself. But I'm having trouble telling if I'm catkin or wolfkin of even dragonkin. Sooo..... any suggestions?



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Questioning!! Lots and lots of it. There is no easy way to find your type, so you have to do a lot of soul searching, research on potential types, and so on! This isn't an easy journey, but we're all here to offer help when needed!!



You might not be, as well, as there is nothing wrong with that, either. Otherkin and therians usually have some type awareness of what their 'types might be. If there is no such thing, either before or after finding the communities, I would ask myself what exactly makes me believe I'm kin in the first place.

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Ah, a very common question. There's so many things that can be done about this. There is great advice in this thread, highly recommended. Since you already have an idea about yourself, I think the most important parts are to explore your feelings, try to find why you feel that way and what feeling non-human means for you, do research about the possible kintypes, and write it all down. If you have dreams, memory flashes, shifts of any kind, don't be afraid. Experience them and try to puzzle them together until you get the full picture. If you are into meditation this might also help, but don't try to force things. Also, reading experiences of others is always good - our blog section is a great place for that. Take your time, be honest to yourself, trust your feelings, and don't worry if you've gone into the wrong direction - most of us have been there.



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What helped me was making a list of all the things I experienced and felt that led me to believe I am otherkin. I was actually wrong about my kintype at first, and I eventually figured that out because there were things on that list that just didn't seem to fit with what I believed at the time. In your case, you seem to know (or at least have a very strong suspicion) that you are otherkin, so perhaps you could try to write out the reasons why you feel connected to each kintype you think might apply, and then the reasons you think they're not right (even if the reasons you think they're not quite right are that they just don't feel like they fit 100%). And then once you have that written down, you can start to explore related kintypes that you feel similar connections to. It can be a hard process, and it can be frustrating to get it "wrong," but if you're able to look at the reasons you felt a connection in the first place, you'll be in a better position to eventually find a kintype that does completely fit. (Then again, I'm the kind of person who communicates better through writing than through speech or even my own thoughts. If you're like that too, then this will be more helpful, but it might be worth trying out regardless. Only you know what'll help you or be more of a hindrance, but I hope it at least gives you more ideas.)



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