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How do you like your coffee?


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When I go to my local coffee shop I get a large capchino wicth usley have 3 double shot in it I ask for a extra one and some caramel syrup

I usually take mine cold with creamer (usually Coffeemate or International Delight, but it’s all the same to me) and a little bit of salt. Depending on my mood, I usually prefer moderate roasts brewed at moderate strength. 

There’s a local coffee shop that does an excellent blended coffee with lavender, hazelnut, vanilla, and honey, and I like that, but it’s more of a coffee-flavored dessert than anything 😛



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I don't mind coffee but I only drink the flavored/sweet kind. I definitely prefer tea over any kind of coffee. I cannot survive without my morning tea! 



I like my coffee soft and sweet, I especially enjoy frappes! Temperature wise I like mine iced, I love the pumpkin spice and java chip from Starbucks 🙂



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Lately we've been somewhat addicted to flavored coffee since the cafe at our college offers some and we get it whenever we have class. We usually drink tea in the mornings since our coffee maker isn't great but when we go out in general we usually get tea, mostly iced if it's available since it's usually too hot where we live. 

-Maxwell [Reptilian + Fictionkin]

I like mine with just some creamer. I've tried a bunch of different ones, but right now the flavor that I have is French Vanilla from Wide Awake Coffee. I think I usually drink like 9oz of coffee and 3oz of creamer. I might look through this thread for ideas, though.



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Eh, not a big coffee drinker due to the recent episodes of serious heartburn it has given me the past year, but if I do rarely drink it, I find that I enjoy it iced as I can handle that better (with little milk). Tea on the other hand....I want to work my way up to 'tea guru' heh..I enjoy my tea just as it is, unless it's a black or chai type. Then I'll take it with a bit  of milk. I am not a fan of flavored, artificial creamer at all. 



I'm a tea drinker and obsessed with caffiene. On the rare event when I do have coffee, I usually have the bitter/sweet ratio On Point, I don't want it to be too sweet, but I don't want it to be too bitter. I like using coconut milk instead of normal milk. I loooove starbucks. My usual order is tea, but I also really like caramel macchiatos on a good day.  :birdheart:



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For Coffee I like trying out different kinds a lot. Different blends, pre-made, home made, you name it. The general thing I do though is only add milk or creamer, no sugar.  I tend to really enjoy bitter things for whatever reason.



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I used to drink coffee until when I got diagnosed with anxiety 3 years ago now I drink tea. Coffee also gives me a stomach ache.

I like green tea or vanilla bean frapachinos from Starbucks or home brewd coffee (Maxwell's house or Folgers) with peppermint or Italian cream coffee creamer

as for tea I like rooibos or ginger



I'm awful about bitter things, most coffee and tea is too strong for me, but I love milk tea! There's a little bubble tea kiosk in town, but I don't get out that way very often. I'll have to try and find an opportunity again soon.

I have three ways that I enjoy coffee.

1. Iced. It's nice to have a chilling and refreshing version of what is usually a hot beverage. I personally enjoy making up a batch of coffee, and turning them into condensed, coffee ice cubes, before putting them in a glass of cold milk and leaving it for 10 minutes before consuming. That way, the milk slowly mixes with the melting coffee-cubes. I don't add sugar to this.

2. Long Black/Americano. This is more my taste when it comes to coffee. No sugar, because I prefer my bean juice bitter. The difference in a Long Black is that the coffee is poured over the hot water, where as an Americano is where the hot water is poured over the coffee. 

3. Latte/Cappuccino. Nothing beats a good blend of coffee and milk. Again, no sugar. I don't like overly sweetened drinks.