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How do you like your coffee?

I enjoy coffee more for the comforting ritual than the caffeine! I didn't drink coffee until I moved in with my fiancee about five years ago--they were already a coffee snob so I just drank what was available 😛
Our most prized beans are from Sunergos. They are  rich and bold and dark! When we can't get Sunergos, we take dark Westrock blends. We love the bitterness of a good dark coffee, so that it takes a bit of creamer to get it any lighter! In a standard coffee maker we do six scoops of ground bean to six cups of water. VERY dark!
I like to put a scoop of chocolate protein powder in my morning cup of coffee, and my daily dose of liquid iodine. I will add a bit of half n half and a spoonful of coconut cream (from the can. very rich).
My favorite part is the biscotti or stroopwaffel that I take with each cup! A stroopwaffel is a chocolate or caramel baked good, very thin made of two halves secured by caramel. You rest it on the mouth of the mug and the hot coffee heats and melts the internal caramel. Then ya dunk it! IF I can't get stroopwaffels, I will take biscotti.

I do also love and enjoy tea! I take at least one cup of herbal tea a day. My normal go-to is a ladies' blend to benefit the cycle: red raspberry leaf, red clover, damiana, and some other nice herbs. In winter, I like a cup of milk warmed to just below scalding with two bags of spiced chai in it. I then add a splash of real vanilla and some cinnamon and clove!

Mmmm... time for tea I think...



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It depends on my mood what I want! I take my tea straight, I do not like things added to tea. I take my coffee with hazelnut or coconut flavored creamer, no added sugar. But I also do partake in Starbucks overly sugared drinks if the mood hits me! 



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Cream, no sugar. Very rarely I will put sugar in it for my headmate L, but thats rare. My bf told me honey was good in coffee so I tried that and its not bad. But I still prefer cream with no sweetener.



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I LOVE coffee, I'm drinking it right now! I used to always have coffee with milk, no sugar, but after living in Portugal for a while I got used to their SUPER bitter and strong espresso-type coffee so now I drink it as strong as I can get it! At home I nearly always have black, but sometimes I put chocolate oat milk in it 😋 Of course I also like cappucinos, frappucinos and the like, they just tend to be way too carby and sugary for me when I get them from starbucks or whatever. 

As for tea I rarely drink it now but my favourites are traditional matcha, green teas, chai and black teas. 



I don't like the caffeine in coffee. I prefer drinking tea mostly. I can do decaf coffee with coconut milk though. I like caramel in my coffee and sometimes I like stevia.