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How do you pronounce "FAQ"?

How do you pronounce "FAQ"?

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The Dark Thief Of Knowledge
I'm not one for shortening acronyms to sounds unless they are supposed to. People do that with my mmorpg ESO. They call it ess-o. It really doesn't take longer to just say ESO. 

Same with these kinda things, in my opinion.

My husband though pronounces it as fak.

We disagree, obviously.



Astral skydancer
Staff member
Gold Donor
I say "FÄCK", that's right the middle between "FACK" and "FECK", but using German pronounciation. To use English pronounciation, replace "FECK" by a word unsuited for  sunday's diner table.  :biggrinderg:



I say it both ways, but predominantly say "eff-ay-q" because when I first heard the acronym, everyone that I heard say it would pronounce it that way, so it's been ingrained in my mind.

I will occasionally say it like a word, but usually I say it "FEK" or something like that because I'm a fast talker and it's ever so slightly more efficient than "FAK."



I say "fak"s.  Until recently, I thought they were called Frequently Asked Questions because it shortened to FAQs, and that was meant as a play on "facts".



New member
I always pronounced it as FAKKS because it sounded like the word facts. I’m FAQs they’re answering questions with facts usually too so it made sense :3