How does soulbonding work?


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Can someone explain soulbonds in more detail? I have a dragon companion who I am forever psychically bonded to (her species needs to link with “humans” to survive) and I’m not sure if our relationship counts as a soulbond since we’re more like platonic/familial soulmates who happen to speak telepathically than like a system.



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Soulbonding is different for everyone, but its basically a deep mental and emotional connection to a fictional character. Either characters of someone elses creation or characters of your own creation. If you did not create the dragon and just happen to have a link to him, hes likely not a soulbond unless hes a fictional character of someone elses creation. Not all soulbonders have systems, we once knew a person whos soulbonds all existed externally and they had no headspace or inner world. So they were not connected in that way.

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