How many times did you have to change/add onto you're kin/therotype?

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I am just an average horse so never really, I did have to think about what color most represents me, first I thought just black and then came the markings. 



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For myself, nothing ever changed, I had always known what I was from the start I was a sabertooth cat. The minor details have never been all that obvious or all that elusive. I have not had to say, revise what I am because I misjudged.



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I went through phases when I was younger questioning my identity, but it was a bit foolish. Ever since I was a little kid I have known that I was a cat, but as a young teen I went rapid fire through wolf, dog, and various other things. But that was mostly because every therian I had met was a wolf so I thought I was one, too, but it never fit. I have also always had cameo shifts so I thought for a while maybe some of the things I have cameo shifts of were more, but now I know that they arn't. I am just highly empathetic to all animals so I subconsciously project them onto myself. 



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When I was twelve, I discovered that I was a spirit that became a hawk, and then an anthro-hawk. (Who carried a sword, and used magic, and defended a city full of other anthro people.)

I didn't find out about the "incarnation of Horus" thing until I was about twenty. 

I've been doing research and trying to refine what that all means in the years since then. There have been lots of minor adjustments of interpretation and theory, but nothing major has changed. 



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I was identifying as red falcon before I realized I'm a dragon. Must've been at the age of 12..16 years, somewhere around that. The trait of wanting to protect Earth and life has always been there. Realizing the dragon guardian identity was the major change, just pieces being put together without much active introspection. It just felt right. Since end of 2018, the identity has gotten another major spin, caused by an increased amount of (partly involuntary) mental and astral shifts. I realized I'm an empath. Before, I used to believe that my existence would be bound to life on Earth (not my own, but life in general) and end along with the planet. Now, I tend to think that my existence seems to exceed Earth or even this universe. Hence I've added a spiritual / celestial quality to my identity, and thought a lot about spiritual explanations that would match my experiences.

It's quite a long way from falcon to celestial dragon if you look at it. I think if my life would have taken another turn, in such that I'd have been busy with family or career even more, most of my identity would have stayed unrecognized.    

I don’t change too often! It’s more that I’m having trouble pinning down what I am.  Example; I am vampiric, cat like, have phantom tail and wings(and claws) and feel that I am a mythical aquatic creature!

Just what that creature is? I’m not sure...

so I change between them! I do until I find out what I REALLY am. Maybe I’m a “fan-species?” 



I've added on a few times.

The first one was just a normal cat, and then added a few more as time went on.  There might be more added in the future, or the ones I have might change, but who knows?



It took me a while (three years) to get how I look as a dragon right. A lot of trial and error art. 

Not sure exactly how many changes my apperance has gone through though. 

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[ ??? ] Since it took us a couple years to figure out we were a system from starting with otherkin, what we thought we were definitely changed a lot. We kind of just started off with a massive kinlist that kept shifting and feeling wrong every couple months, and when we tried to cut it down things just kept popping back up. Even after realizing we were a system, we thought we had a host (who was just multiple headmates crammed together) and the "host"'s kintypes faced the same problem until we realized what was going on there. 

On a collective standpoint though we realized we collectively identify as an alien and this seems to be the most stable collective kintype we've had. 



Because of my autism, it is very difficult for me to figure out my identity — often in the past I saw things as part of my identity what turned out to be characters instead of being myself so I had to really figure out what was me, what was my imagination and what was separate from myself.
I also have trouble with emotions and feelings, not knowing what I am experiencing. So when it comes to my ‘types as a child it was quite simple; I called myself a foxelf. As an adult I have struggled a lot, doing a lot of questioning and searching.
I feel like by now I have found the best terms to describe myself, but I keep tangling with myself and then dropping everything and starting all over.

It has also been difficult to except the term polykin, as it is technically what I am but I always saw myself as a hybrid of my kintype and theriotype as I feel I am both equally. I feel it’s a little silly now, it’s just a helpful label if you have more than one ‘type but for the longest time I would keep suppressing one half of me.
My kintypes haven't actually changed, but were just mistaken for other things. To count, I think the amount of corrections were about 5 (one for each kintype). Here's what they were:

Dog ---> Wolf ---> Black-phased wolf

Unknown raptor-esque dinosaur ---> Velociraptor ---> Dromaeosaurus

3 seperate dragons ---> 1 shapeshifting dragon
I've changed my kintypes around too many times to count. With my mental illnesses and the way I grew up (and I guess being a polymorph tho I believe that was caused by my mental illnesses), I've had identity issues for a very long time and I feel as if I've questioned nearly every identity under the sun, lol. Wasn't even just me as a kid being like ooh I like dragons, I wanna BE a dragon. I genuinely connect to things and take on that identity for a short time. Weird coping mechanism considering it made my life worse LMAO


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It took me a long time to figure out I was a feline cladotherian, although I always knew I was a feline of some sort. I went through a few different cats trying to figure things out. Although I suppose technically they are all my theriotypes, because they're all included in my feline identity.

Several years later I discovered my fictotype. I spent quite a while questioning different possibilities although I kept that to myself at the time. I didn't begin actually calling myself an argonian fictionkin until I was pretty sure of things, and that label's not changed since.
A few times.
I had the vague idea for a while, but didn't know what a cormorant was until like 5 years ago. So I had a few "phases" where I thought I was something else with similar traits, but couldn't put my finger on it.


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Thankfully I never had to change mine. I actually felt very distinctly feline long before I even realized that otherkin/therians existed. I was just able to finally put a word to something I had been feeling for quite some time already.