How many times did you have to change/add onto you're kin/therotype?

At first, I thought I was wolfkin but that wasn't right so then I went for arctic wolfkin and that wasn't right either. Then I figured out I was angelkin and it stuck but it took me a while to realize I wasn't any type of caninekin.
I’ve always felt canine since I was very young.
When I was exposed to Wolves / Werewolves, it was a lot later than most. As I’m not much of a ‘Wolf Lover’. I’m actually far more of a Cat person than a Dog one.

I went through years of re-questioning as I’m so stubborn about being as accurate as I can be. Never kept count but I tried on a lot of possibilities to try and convince myself I wasn’t just making things up.

Come to find out, I wasn’t. Everything came full-circle and I still have so much to discover despite knowing the basis of what I am.