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How NOT to be a therian

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Alright, so kinda trigger warning? (Mental hospitals and past depression woop woop)

Alright with that out of the way, I have met few public therians/otherkin face to face. But the first one I met, I swear I will never forget this chick as long as I live and breathe. A few years ago, I kinda freaked out after my life was kinda taking a tumble. I began to not want to live and became suicidal. Thankfully one of my parents caught be before I caused any real bad damage to myself. They did however send me to a mental institution where they hoped I would get better (and I did ^.=.^). Whoever ran the place really didn't organize the people in the hospital however. You'd have your fresh out of jail "I killed a man with this thumb" type of people mixed with your average suicidal patients and of course the good ol' crazy "if you turn your back to me I'm gonna try to rip out your hair" types. This lead to some interesting interactions. Of course on my first day I was nervous and a huge wreck. But the majority of us were all in for some type of suicidal behavior so I met a very helpful and supportive group of friends (hey if you're going through hard times right now, and you feel like ending it, finding some people that you can relate with and talk to are like a friggin gift from above). There was one person who joined our group off and on. I'll be referring to her as Scarlett since that was her wolf name and would flip her life if we called her anything different. Scarlett was in there since she attacked her family and people at school. She walked around on all fours alot, but it wasn't very graceful and often left her looking like a blind demon looking for their contacts on the ground. She held the record for most times put under sedatives to stop them from hurting anyone. Whenever we were let outside she would not let us come near a certain corner of the basketball court, she claimed it at her territory and was even caught multiple times 'marking' her territory (even though there was a very clean toilet not even 9 yards away). She tried and successfully bit me after I wouldn't give her my extra beef taco I had earned on good behavior. If she ever escapes and kills someone or something I still have her dental records permanently marked into my arms. And with all of this running and biting and peeing in inappropriate places you'd think she slept like the dead right? Wrong! She would spend almost the entire night howling or barking or something to keep us all up. She would sleep a little during outside time and during school time.

Honestly I get everyone expresses their otherkin or therian identity in many different and unique ways, but love of great dragon Gods don't behave like this! I might end up posting more stories of her since this stuff was just the regular daily routine, and I was in there for a few months with her ( I left before she did, I don't think she will be released anytime soon even though it's been almost 3 years)

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dafuq dude ? 😄 This girl is fucked up in the brain. I guess she has been through some rly hard times in childhood, so she dont want to identify as human, cause humans been rly bad to her.

I just don't understand why they put so many different types together in one station. All that people who are trying to hurt some others and even attack or try to kill should be far away from those who are having already hard times, trying to hurt themselves or having suicidal thoughts.

Being already wrecked up and then trapped under such people will do a lot more damage. At least that's what I experienced and heard from others I know and had known. Everytime I were in a hospital (3 times and 2 of them vulantary) I felt much worse during and after it.

I met otherkins like that in your description as well but I never heard of otherkins at that time. Moving on all fours and trying to bite. I am not sure and very skeptical if they were really otherkins or just poorly ill. Because, we have a brain that tells us how to behave in public. At least not to pee and bite and walk on two legs in school, at work and the supermarket. Knowing what is good and bad and how to behave most of the time.

Cats are my strongest kith and also my strongest hearttype and , dunno when this happened but I appropriate some cat behaviour to my own personality. I meow, mimic like a cat and my boyfriend and I are going hours just using cat sounds to communicate and acting like a mix of  cat and human. But if a third person is there or if we are outside we know we have to stop and behave normal (hahahahahahahaaa we are both Asperger's) or at least as humans although I sometimes meow to greet people I know well ^^; it's just my way to say hello, I think. Although I do this online all the time. But I am missing the point. 

As long as your brain functions are well, you should, at least, know what is good and bad. That's why I think those types of otherkins are just poorly ill. Using this behaviour to scare or hurt or trying to forget they are human?

But this is just my guess~

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I have no idea if this is an unpopular opinion, but I want to say there's a difference between what she's got going on and what we've got going on.  I'm also inclined to believe a. most (probably all) people here are nothing like that and b. anyone who IS like that probably wouldn't listen to a simple post online saying "don't like like that".

I know that , probably all, members here are not like that. And, as well, that it don't matter whoever says "I don't like that".

It it just a guess and which impression they made on me.



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At this point I just want to hear more about the stories about Scarlett. This story gave me a good chuckle and I just love your way of writing!

But yes, I do agree that she is actually not Otherkin, I rather think she is having other issues. But then again, you also got very weird otherkins running around, so you never know.

Also, seriously, what the heck is going on with that hospital, that's so bad to mix up so many different types of people. As CrowLove mentioned, it can damage already damaged a whole lot more.

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Of course its fucked up to put this people together on a station. But you all forget that a psychiatry is just a business. They want to make profit.

And they make more profit when mixing the patients all together, instead of opening a new station to protect the wrecked people from the aggressive.

Or why do you think its common that there are only rooms with 2 beds, so they can put 2 patients in one room, even in a closed station !

And putting 2 people in one room in a closed station is very dangerous ! What if my roommate is psychotic ? And he beat me up while im sleeping, or even trieng to kill me ? 

They just dont give a shit, its all about the money folks



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Then they could still set schedules for when the people have out times and several community halls. Just throwing them together is just a very weird thing to do, even with limited space.
And you can still have the maximum profit if you just set different times for each of them, while still playing safe. (Also do I sense a little bit of the "America is the whole world"-Syndrome here?)

@Raphael no~ I am not from america, but from a country in Central Europe and here it is the same, as described. And I never heard of any other system , especially not in closed ones when ALL kind of people , aggressive, schizophrenic, paranoid and psychotic people with the wrecked up ones are put together. Even some with dementia. You wouldn't believe what I found there. After 3 hours in it I did everything to get out of there. Luckily my words were the right ones.



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@CrowLove I didn't mean you, I meant Jahfari.

And it's weird to see this happening in Europe, because this practice is, for example, forbidden in Germany and Austria. There they need to have seperated times to be out of their rooms and/or seperated community rooms. And well, roommates are a no-go as well.

@Raphael oh I am sorry ^^;. As I were there, they were so full, that beds stood in the the aisle on each side but they kept more and more people on this station. And all kind of people were in it.

I talked about it with some others to know their experiences but separated floors for each kind of people are very rarely. Only in hospitals which are only for mental health but those are mostly in other city's and hours of train or car drives away if you don't have luck.

But the closed floors are always with every people possible in it, as far as I know

But I think we're missing the point of this thread a bit ^^

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@Raphael I wasnt talking about America, i meant the general situation in most mental hospitals. I would NEVER relate the USA to the entire World. Because America is pretty fucked up, and a bad place to live in. And by the way im German.

Also i didnt knew about this practice beeing forbidden in Germany and Austria ? The last time i saw a closed station they only had rooms for 2 people, this was 9 years ago.

And not only the american hospitals want to make profit. We live in a world of capitalism, every institution or corperation is focused on profit. Thats how our system works. Even a university hospital needs to make profit

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Guys please don't argue, I'm just telling the story how I saw it. There are some mental hospitals with separate floors for separate people from what I hear in my state. The one I went to was simply closer by and had more open rooms (wonder if Scarlett influenced that?). And I do agree with alot of you guys. Now that I think about it I doubt she identified as therian, she was likely just troubled in some way or another and had no clue what was right and wrong in her mind.

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I'll admit, I walk on all fours or in a raptor-posture in private. It feels right. But never would I do anything that was detailed above. I'll vocalise as well, but once again, in private where I don't disturb others, or so quiet no one notices.

I hope that she gets the help she needs, and ends up living a happy and healthy life!



I'll admit, I walk on all fours or in a raptor-posture in private. It feels right. But never would I do anything that was detailed above. I'll vocalise as well, but once again, in private where I don't disturb others, or so quiet no one notices.

I hope that she gets the help she needs, and ends up living a happy and healthy life!
Thank you so much for this comment!!! It really made me happy to see this! I also have a friend who does something very similar and I have my fair share in doing such things in the privacy of my home, so it's great to see other people do it as well! 😊

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Thank you so much for this comment!!! It really made me happy to see this! I also have a friend who does something very similar and I have my fair share in doing such things in the privacy of my home, so it's great to see other people do it as well! 😊
I think as long as you don't hurt anyone or yourself, do whatever the hell you want! If you wanna run around in your house on four legs or wanna wrestle with the dog, as long as no one is hurt then I have no issue. I do think it's a thing younger therians participate in more, and as people get older it's 'weaned' out as people need to do jobs etc, but it's always nice to fall back on that child-like play. Do whatever makes you happy 🙂



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Okay; there's a lot of points that I want to make here.

  • This post would be better as a blog post.
Your post doesn't invite much discussion and instead serves to tell a personal story. For this reason, it would probably be better off as a blog post (did you know we host blogs? check it out!) than a discussion thread.

  • It is not appropriate to post personally identifiable information about somebody's mental health condition.
I understand that you only posted her "wolf name", which is fairly generic, but hear me out here. The therianthropy community is a pretty small group compared to, say, the Furry Fandom. If you ever mention your approximate location (city + state) on the site, you have given enough information for a determined person to potentially identify a mentally ill girl who you have posted sensitive health information about. This puts her safety in danger as well as creates legal liability for you, especially in the United States. It would probably be better to make up a pseudonym to reference her by, rather than an identifiable name that she may use online, etc.

  • You make some claims that borderline on the extraordinary.
I still have her dental records permanently marked into my arms.
Even a severe bite mark wouldn't leave identifiable teeth impressions permanently (a scar is possible though, obviously), and if they did and occurred in a mental health facility, the facility would be civilly and potentially criminally liable. 

I don't think she will be released anytime soon even though it's been almost 3 years
Long term institutionalization is extremely rare in the United States. Minors are generally kept for up to six months, maybe a year or two, and adults are generally only kept for acute care. The exception to this, of course, is somebody in a custodial setting who has committed a serious crime (such as murder, rape, or other forcible felonies) and therefore cannot be released; but even these people are normally confined to a department of corrections facility.

There are various smaller parts of your post that are inconsistent with how mental health care is administered in the United States, which I will not nitpick here. 

  • Applicable Rules
It is forbidden for members to post personally identifying information about another person, even if that person is not a member of Kinmunity.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.



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All I'm going to say is it seems very wrong to laugh at a girl who, if what has been said is true, is seriously mentally ill. Mental illness is not funny. It's a serious issue and should be treated seriously, even in casual discussion. I wouldn't laugh at someone for having cancer, and I won't laugh at this poor girl for whatever she is going through in her head.

Shame on all of you who do so. Have a bit of empathy. Mental illness isn't a choice, and anyone who acts in an unhealthy manner because of it is a victim of their illness. They don't deserve mockery.

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