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How to Let Soulbonds Talk?


New member
Hi, Chaos here! I was wondering how to let my soulbonds talk in the forums, considering that the way I would seem like roleplaying to some? And...I'm not sure if that's illegal? I need to read the rules again. :'D But I was wondering how to let them talk and interact because I would know some would love to talk on here.



Well-known member
Hello! ^-^ Allowing soulbonds to speak here is perfectly fine! That is, so long as it's still all on your account. Multiple accounts aren't allowed here, and things like systems and soulbonds are no exception. But as long as no alting happens it's fine! Maybe let them write comments using your account as normal, but have them sign their comments with their name so we all know who's talking? Such as:

[body of comment]

- [name of soulbond] 

That could work. 😄 



Active member
They can just talk in your posts, you can give them each their own font color, or have them sign posts, or do it like this;

Name1: blah blah

Name2: blah blah

You're used to sub accounts like our forum has, where SBs can all have their own accounts, but here they just talk through your account.



Celestial Draconian Queen 🌔
Hello! I would say give your soulbonds a run down of the rules here on Kinmunity, and let them know proper etiquette on the site! I would say the best way to let them speak on the forum is allow them to type themselves, using your hands, and maybe allowing them to post in subjects they would fell more comfortable in, or a thread they relate more to. Soulbonds can most definitely speak on the forums on your main account, just let them introduce themselves in a post so we know who is talking! Correct anything they say if possible if it isn’t proper however... ^.=.^

As for letting them speak and type through you, just let them know that they can type, let them take over a bit, and encourage them to speak their minds, after all we do not judge here! I wish you all luck speaking together here!... ^.=.^ 



Active member
Commenting about your question if it's illegal, as a system who's on a lot websites with a "one account per person" rule, that applies to the physical body. Even though you're a system you're legally you're all the same person and even if you're a system if you made multiple accounts then you'd get in trouble. 

-{Iros} [Demigod, Fictionkin]



Astral skydancer
Staff member
Gold Donor
Asexual Pride
Just for completeness: another usual way of differing system members or soulbonds is to use different text colors for them, and placing the names of them using according color in your signature. Of course that's only feasible with a limited number of system members or soulbonds, though.

My soul bonds usually use emojis

🔽🔼 Dear God you join too many forums

👨🏽‍💻 He's expecting me to say something. This counts as something.

🤺 Hello, I'm Skulker. Pleasure to meet you all. The emoji system works well for us.