How to meditate?

If you didn't already know I am very new to pretty much everything, especially therian. I'm owl therian and I'd really like some tips on mediating, as I feel I could gain a lot from it, regarding my spirit, therian, guardian angels and stuff like that.

Any help would be appreciated!
I really just listen to thematic sounds on an app and try to relax. The app I use also has guided meditations as well. The app is called Relax Melodies by Ipnosoft


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I don't really meditate in a traditional sense. Keeping my mind quiet with ADD is difficult, however I can keep a certain line of thought. Like focusing on a detail of my kin side. What I do is I light an incense or candle with some type of meaning to what I'm trying to do. I close my eyes and try to practice some deep breathing. I relax my body first since my mind is fickle. Sometimes it takes many long minutes before I can relax my mind.