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How to walk on all fours easier?


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One problem with humans walking on all fours is that our hind legs are longer than our front ones. This makes the walking angle quite uncomfortable. I find a good idea is to prop up your hands somehow, wearing blocks or something to add height to the upper part of your body. Though I can't say exactly what you should wear or use to add said height, I haven't had any experience myself. Just make sure it's safe and comfortable.

Water Horse

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I have never tried walking on all fours much. But make sure to take it easy. Don't get right into it and expect your body to be able to do it perfectly. Human arms aren't made to put that kind of weight on. So you could try to start with some exercises to make your arm strength better, so you will feel more comfortable with putting weight on them! I know there are some exercise videos on it if you try to look for them you could watch those.


I looked into this not too long ago and crawling is fantastic for building core strength and its even good for your spine! There’s one crawling exercise on YouTube that I saw and google has articles raving about crawling now. I’ve started walking on all fours when my roommates are sleeping just a little bit at a time because my arms and core strength need to build for it. I would want something to protect my wrists, I think it would be easier with some wrist wraps.